I Grow My Gifts [music - added - 13Sept'21]

I Grow My Gifts [music - added - 13Sept'21]

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I am always curious at these collabs using a cellphone. Anaezia amazing. Voice beautiful intonation and phrasing. I am not sure how the instruments are created, but they suit the entire production. Very nice sounds.

Ahhh, yes, Smile well, some were merely man-made by me; the others, cellulary-tacitly so by Anaezia. But she does play a mean acoustic! Oh and Keys too I think. But she plays the phone, - just as well.

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Sounds great! Love Anaezia's vocal delivery and ustaknow's backup vocals are complimentary and very effective too. Really pleasant sounding & nice collaboration.

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I had so much fun doing this and always a pleasure to work with ustaknow. This was such a fun one hehe. And yes I play my phone well haha.

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Beautiful collab! She has an amazing voice and the backup vocals complemented it perfectly. Beautiful words also.

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Vocal combo goes well in here, the ending and how you both layer your voices stands out.

Great job kiddo. Just listened back now, - this was the mix Smile
I did bring a few things "up", but, that could be, never ending tweeking Smile hahhh.
I like the "airy'er" vocal.
Anyway, again, - great job!

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Your voices sound lovely together! You two create beautiful music together. Well done Anaezia and Ustoknow Smile !

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I heard this......just realized I either didn't save my comment or just dreamed up typing it Biggrin

This is sooooo soulful and a lot going on, but the soft and well blended instrumentation fits this perfectly....... there's a lot of power in the spaces between here. Really spectacular work! I could really see this going around about 5 times, just throwing something else in it everytime, looped the vocals and adding more and more harmonies another instrument here and there/etc/etc/etc for about 15-20 minutes.... but that's more for venue work Biggrin Really great stuff!