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Liner Notes: 

I have a new ambition: write a "come on" song that is not at all creepy.

It's a lot harder than it sounds. And, for the record, I categorically reject the notion that "come on" songs are outdated relics of a sexist past. People need to be able to express a healthy interest in getting to know one another! Our sad path toward rampant alienation can still be changed!


So you want me to be clear on my intentions
Okay, here goes

I want to walk with you up to the reservoir
Where it’s dark and we can see the stars
I want to talk with you up by the reservoir
Far away from the crowds and cars

You think there has to be more to it
Of course, you’re not wrong

We’ll take our shoes off, up by the reservoir
And step in the water just as we are
We’ll walk around on the shore of the reservoir
Wade in a little way, but not too far

And I’ll listen to all your plans
And as we talk we could hold hands
And look up at the sky so bright
With the planets and comets in your eyes

You look skeptical, like I’m angling for something more
But really, think about it, wouldn’t that be enough?

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Love this!!! No need to move too fast in a new relationship. Really nice message.

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you are going into talking heads territory, and you are not nearly as creepy as they are, and nobody ever accused them of creepiness. the real creeps are the guys who stare at girls while having fantasies about them. if you are straight, you let them know whats on your mind and accept their response, be it yes or no,nothing creepy at all about this song.

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Love the rhythm on this! Okay, this probably isn't exactly what this song is about, but I must confess, I miss innuendo, the clever come-on, definitely showing my era, but hearing "sex" all the time is boring. Requires no imagination and women love imagination. Smile

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I had to give this one a listen just from the tags. Liner notes explain where you're coming from, and I reckon you succeeded in your ambition. This drives along at a furious pace and those relentless cymbals make sure everyone's paying attention. If Talking Heads had been fronted by Roy Orbison, this is the sort of music I think they would have made (and after typing this I noticed Bill made a similar comment; Byrne et al. were too weird to be creepy, but they would often get really... strange...)

Rampant alienation is *so* going to be the title of my next album.

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Well I liked your tags for this song a lot.

Love the wacky tremolo guitar.

This song is sweet, this guy just has ambitions (right now) to walk up to the lake, talk, look at the stars and maybe hold hands.