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Liner Notes: 

PROMPT: “Drugs” (or anything one can become addicted to)

When hearing the word "drugs", the very first thing my mind went to was allergy medication, so that's the angle I ended up going with. As usual, went a bit over the allotted skirmish time (used 1.5 hours instead of 1), but, also as usual, I think it was worth it. Had a lot of fun on this one!


When I’m feeling down from the world
I know just what I need
When I get a case of the sniffles
I’ve got my own kind of remedy

When my throat gets swollen and dry
There’s a cure I’m thinking of
When I feel I just can’t get by
I need a special kind of drug


I can’t sing a note without you
You’re better than any prescription
Every time, you make me feel brand new

A dose of your smile every day
Exactly what the doctor ordered
You’re the one who makes me feel this way

I’m allergic to
A life without you

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A few years ago 2 songwriters sat around a table for hours, found a singer and got a demo done to release a song! Youve achieved that and more and clearly as good in one hour! Top class skirmish and really enjoyable song.

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Cola, this is great. Fresh and happy. Very relatable and charming. I like your vocal, too.

mikehex's picture

Sweet and catchy, great take on the prompt!

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This is so charming! Love the finger snaps and cheerful melody. Impressive even as a slightly longer skirmish!

mike skliar's picture

wonderful! That vocal and piano phrasing is really perfect for this, too- and I love the ending....

Sunfire's picture

Love the direction you took this one. Clever and catchy. Allergic to a lot of things but allergic to a life without you is super original. Enjoyed listening.

colgoo's picture

Love the finger snaps! This feels like it could be a jingle for a Zyrtec commercial….great skirmish write.

billwhite51's picture

not a bad addiction, as long as the supply is there. and a happy, uptempo chirpy song to sell it, who can resist?

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful take on the prompt. So fresh, upbeat and lovely. Very clever idea and realization. Short and sweet song. Beautiful singing and playing Cola.

tjeff's picture

Love the musical theater poppiness of this song! Very melodic and I like the chord changes so much. Funny topic and good lyric. I enjoyed listening!

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I love the happy theme. What a cute and lovey take on the prompt. Your voice is so sweet too - very nice! Great skirmish Smile

Jibbidy34's picture

Grrrl this was so good I had to listen to it twice! That chorus melody is SO catchy and don’t get me started on your fantastic beautiful wonderful (I’ve run out of superlatives) voice! Fab skirmish

Roddy's picture

A pure pop song. Clever and sweet lyrics. Very good music. The piano is perfect.

Zeekle's picture

So catchy. Really nice upbeat and toe tapping song.

Robyn Mackenzie's picture

Love the snaps, and your voice is so bright and clear. The last two lines are very clever!

wacha's picture

This song is so bouncy and fun, I love it. Great take on the prompt and and really great write, well worth the extra time you took on this one. There's a light, jazzy feel to this that works really nicely.

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Delightful! Excellent, catchy music and fun, sweet lyrics. A winner!