Anything That'll Get You High

Anything That'll Get You High

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Liner Notes: 

WHEN: Sunday Skirmish September 12,2021 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT


Anything that one can become addicted to: Cocaine chocolate sex money power love pills weed. Anything that gets you high

WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
HOST: @corinne54

Great prompt!! Had to rock out a bit.


You take a chance
Do the dance
Figure it'll be fun

'Cause after all
You never fall
At least not 'till the party's done

You crank it up
Drink from the cup
'Till your house is on fire

Smile from ear to ear
You have no fear
All you feel is desire

Anything That'll Get You High
Sooner or later will take you low
Left, right, up or down, laugh or cry
You'll lose the ability to even know why
Anything That'll Get You High
Sooner or later will take you low

Then the morning sun
Makes you wanna run
Bursts your magic illusion

Your smile's now a frown
Entire body's down
In a ball of confusion

Anything That'll Get You High
Sooner or later will take you low
Left, right, up or down, laugh or cry
You'll lose the ability to even know why
Anything That'll Get You High
Sooner or later will take you low

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Rock out, indeed! Good beat and strong lyrics illustrating the before and after of the crash. I like the contrast of the two, especially how you interpreted them musically.

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Love those harmonies…..This is a really well constructed skirmish write. Bravo!

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Love that harmony vocal. This is a great write

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Wow, this is such a good skirmish! Great message and harmonies.

coolparadiso's picture

Really tight for a skirmish. Good observation as well. Great if we can find a non destructive high.

billwhite51's picture

good anti-drug screed. like the rhythm guitar and vocal harmonies

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I continue to be amazed out how people can write such good solid songs in such a short time! This is great. V2 is especially good, IMO. Nicely done!

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Yes! Awesome! I was singing along with your catchy choruses. Solid write and melody for a skirmish. I haven't met a song of yours that I don't instantly like. Smile

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Wow, this sounds so good. The chorus is very catchy. A well crafted song - hard to believe you did this in under and hour!

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Good sounding song, vocals, lyric & guitar. Enjoyed listening.

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Fun, bouncy music. Very catchy and dynamite melody and harmony. Really impressive work - and I very much like that you used my prompt of "anything that gets you high" Smile

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Wow- this is really fantastic, in every way! I love the lyric content, that great chorus, the vocals and harmonies, and the arrangement really highlights all of the above.

and of course love that you hit a high note on 'high' and a low note on 'low' (there's a name for that, I forget what it is...)

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Love that chorus! This is a jam, had me nodding my head with the music the whole way through. Well done!

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Very beautiful song, catchy, melodious, wonderful to listen to. Amazing to come up with such a great song for skirmish. This is definitely a keeper. Loving the harmonies. Beautiful singing and playing.

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A timeless power pop/folk sound that I just adore! And harmonies! You get a whole lot of rockin' done with guitar/vocal.

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Wow, that is a fantastic chorus! The verses say it well too. The vocal harmonies are a delight. What a great song!

Roddy's picture

Great song and performance. Very wise and insightful lyrics.

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Guitar and vocal performance is rock'n. Impressive skirmish. Chorus is infectious.

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Oh I love that chorus so much. This has a cool 90's feel to it. Really nice harmonies as always!

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Wow, this is great work especially for a skirmish! Your storytelling here is top notch and that chorus is crazy catchy, I was singing along with you by the second one. I love how you go up on "high" and down on "low" that adds a little something extra.