The One Thing

The One Thing

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Liner Notes: 

For a skirmish: THEME/TITLE: “DRUGS”

I've been wanting for a while to try writing less lyrically involved songs. This is a bit of an extreme, and maybe an obvious rip-off of an artist with a four letter name that rhymes with "Toby", but you know, theft is the highest form of getting something in under an hour


I've got the one thing I need

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Love the build…….starting out a capella and then throwing on the layers of instrumentation and vocals is super effective. Nice beat throughout….This definitely doesn’t scream “skirmish” because it sounds so well thought out. Beautifully done, Mike!

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Congrats on also making a play for the Brevity Award! Smile Very clever use of the space. Nice job!

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Nice skirmish, yup its a good drug culture song, could easily have been in something like train-spotting

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Definitely is a nod to that guy (and a very well-executed "rip-off" as well), but sounds original too. The repetition is very good in this context. The vocal line, the descending lower line, and the other guitar lines meld very well together. An enjoyable listen!

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I totally enjoyed this. The music is awesome. I love the layers too. The 'Oh' that starts around 1.10 is my favorite!!

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Great sounds, guitar, beat, vibe, vocals & all.

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I wasn't quite sure who you were referencing but I liked this a LOT. Very interesting build up and layering of instruments. In this case I think it was a stroke of genius to repeat the line worth repeating! It gave it that incessant, itching, 'I need my fix now' vibe.

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"theft is the highest form of getting something in under an hour" - that line needs to be a song unto itself, lol!! Tbh, I think this sounds better than the prototype, so good on ya for improving it. The "oh" in the background adds a nice amount of anguish and drama. Well done.

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The music builds so well on this. Lyrical brevity works perfectly here. Really like this

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Love this!! You really have got the one line of lyrics you need. Smile Enjoyed my listen, great skirmish!

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making less turn into more! nice work! fun and funky!

I don't know the song you're referencing, so I don't know what is 'borrowed' or not, but this sounds pretty damn cool to me!

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The lyric repetition definitely conveys the addiction feeling. Great beat and loved the guitars!

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I really like the repetition of the single line. The guitar sounds great, and I like the way this builds!

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I love this, you have done a lot with that one line. I can definitely hear the influence but I think this still pretty original, this is some nice work in the hour.