Scull Find

Scull Find

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Nice examination of a whole bundle of percussion instruments. That deep bell tone sounds vaguely ominous, and the repeating descending patterns reinforce it. The spooky choir samples are the icing on the cake. Don't know if it's a cake I'd want to try, though, Probably best not to examine the ingredients too closely...

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The farmer plows his field, trudging back and forth and up and down behind his trusty team of oxen.
Suddenly the plow uncovers a strange object.
"What's this?" he thinks, "Another rock?"
But no.
It is a strangely shaped skull.
The farmer calls in experts in paleontology from the local university.
They can not determine the origins of the skull.
A mystery.
The farmer thinks about this skull many times throughout his life and ponders its meaning.
He eventually dies of old age, never knowing its origins.