The Mind is a Drug

The Mind is a Drug

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish theme: Drugs "Anything that one can become addicted to: Cocaine chocolate sex money power love pills weed. Anything that gets you high."

I wanted to explore a different avenue for the subject of drugs. I think back to the emotional rollercoaster ride I experienced and the yoyo of feelings I had as a teenager and I once said to a friend who laughed at what I said because he was in agreement, that who needs drugs when your mind can play enough tricks on you.

That was the catalyst for the write.

Thanks Corinne for hosting the skirmish and for inducing the direction I took with this week's theme.


The Mind is a Drug

Never had a need to do any drugs
Cause my mind was enough to supply me with bugs
Reality can be harsh for thoughts to process
And when I was a teen my head was a mess

Don't snort
Don't drink
But I'm certainly not pure
Cause the mind is a drug
Oh this I am sure

I think my mind liked to play tricks on me
When illusions and decpetions were all I'd see
Emotions and perceptions were often quite far
While confusion reigned, things could seem bizarre

Don't snort
Don't drink
But I'm certainly not pure
Cause the mind is a drug
Oh this I am sure

The power of the brain
Can surely sustain
Good health and bad health alike
It can act like a pill
Make you well or ill
Even fool you like a friend who says psyche!

Don't snort
Don't drink
But I'm certainly not pure
Cause the mind is a drug
Oh this I am sure

Sunfire © 2021

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This is wonderful. What a great idea for the skirmish. It is very entertaining and relatable. Love the rhymes!

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Oh….you really could have laid it on thick with all the “natural drugs” and hormones that affect our minds like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin….But, for a skirmish write, this is pretty awesome. Excellent work on the rhythm in your lyrics.

mikehex's picture

"Don't drink, don't smoke... what do you do?"

"You *think*?!?"

"Damn, that's hardcore"

greengrassgirl's picture

Very impressive lyric...especially in the short time frame. You've packed a lot in here. Congrats! I particularly liked "(the brain) can act like a pill/make you well or ill."

kahlo's picture

Really catchy chorus and thought provoking hook. Great style change up between verse and chorus that will come alive with music.

cindyrella's picture

Awesome song! I too feel so much like this and you did a great job on it!

tjeff's picture

Love the direction you took, and there's a lot of truth in what you are saying. For some reason made me think of Frank Zappa - he was anti-drug/anti-alcohol (pretty sure he smoked though) and making wild music during a time when partying was rampant.

vivalarayna's picture

Like this take on the prompt! It's true - we have so many natural "drugs" in 9ur brain and pharmaceuticals just stimulate them in different ways, but we don't always need that external catalyst. That second verse says a lot in few lines.

Jibbidy34's picture

Woo fab skirmish write! This is solid and I'm in total agreement. Maybe it's a songwriter imagination thang but yeah the mind can play enough tricks without that junk... cool skimishing with you...

corinne54's picture

Really fine lyric writing. It's true that the mind can do things for good or bad. You captured that idea very well

mike skliar's picture

very interesting direction there- and you've hit upon something that has some truth in it for sure!

cola's picture

Very cool take on the prompt! "The Mind is a Drug" is such a strong title, and the lyric does a solid job of capturing the power of our own thoughts. Good write!

billwhite51's picture

the mind certainly does work like drug, bending reality to its own sensory predilections. we would get some strange trips were we to borrow the brain of another species for a few hours.

Russ Keys's picture

The mind is definitely a drug. It causes all manner of hallucinations! Ha ha.

Roddy's picture

Very good writing. The chorus is strong and very memorable. A very creative take on the prompt.

Belladonna's picture

Love the idea of your mind can be a drug. Yeah, it certainly can have illusions, fantasies, out of my mind and you never come down. Ha! Nice take on drugs.

musicsongwriter's picture

Love the way you went with the prompt. Me neither: don't smoke, don't drink but I think Smile And I think it's a brilliant lyric.

LisaMarie777's picture

I enjoyed this one. It's super deep. I also love your humor.

Robyn Mackenzie's picture

Ah yes, the mind can be more powerful than any drug! Nice lyrics, truthful and well-phrased.

wacha's picture

Really solid set of lyrics and a great use of the prompt. The lyrics feel very singable, nice work!