Traveling By Plane

Traveling By Plane

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Liner Notes: 

Another self-inflicted skirmish. My wife gave me this prompt from a movie description: "Another group of strangers headed for destruction on a plane"

I guess that happens a lot


High above as the land passes by
We have all that we need, in our place in the sky

And below, there is toil and the pain that it brings
But we, here aloft, need not worry about such things

Still we must know time is not our friend
We will need to pass below, when our journey is at end

And if such is our chance, and the pilot be too brash
That end could be sudden, in a fiery, fatal crash

What a shame that would be for those waiting for us
To unexpectedly be reduced to ashes and dust

But after all, we’re all strangers in flight
Meeting so briefly as we pass through the night
And using our time for all that we’re worth
Because in the end, we will all come to earth

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love that picking in the left ear!! This is a really nice song. fantastic quick written song! This is all class!

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Getting a Jonathan Richman vibe from this; jaunty pop song delivering a hefty dose of existential angst, and doing so brilliantly with some very satisfying guitars backing things up. I bet the air crash investigators find that snakes were responsible.