Same Difference

Same Difference

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Liner Notes: 

Nahlej: Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Production
DJTJB: Keys/Production/Vocals


I guess I keep on wakin up

To Toil in the muck and mire

King of nothing you can tour my empire

Racing in a streetcar plagued by desire

Sweet talking little liar saving face for the town crier bolt cutter battlefield soul sucker how’s it feel beyond the pale like for really really real tell me how you really feel real deal Holyfield holdin feels slipping on banana peels butterfingers what a heel time heals but more so it kills in the first degree regardless of pedigree I’ll eulogize your effigy if ya F with me pass the dip for the chip on my shoulder another year dumber another year older until it’s fuckin game over

It’s the same all over

Deliver us from ignorance

With sexy indifference

Keep it fly like icarus

Or Daedalus

It’s all the same difference

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the lord my microphone I keep

When I’m alone I’m deep

In armchair philosophy and second hand speech I’m charming I’m a fuckin peach

I’m a vampire I’m a suckin leech

Self righteous pretentious geek with a nose bleed a crow outside the murder scene an owl apart from parliament it’s not what it seems I’m rippin at the seams scatter my ashes far from the 7 seas Poseidon can S my effin D I guess my lesson be to just quit stressing, G. So despicable me, you think you know me like biblically cuz I’m all “fuck the world” and you take it literally you look stupid when you smile with all your fucked up teeth I’ll see in dreams

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wow, this is really impressive! the lyric and delivery has a great flow, and the music is both supportive and really interesting on its own- I'm no expert in this whole genre, but I really like this- nicely done!

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Love how this starts. The bass and the echoing vocals. Then the guitar, the whammy bar (I assume). The pad sounds building ambiance. And rip’n rap’n all along. Great to hear you two at it again…

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Yay for that Nahlej bigsby - I hear that and it’s instantly recognisable as you. Clever rap lyrics … dip for the chip on my shoulder… I pray the Lord my mic to keep… icarus and Daedalus rhymes… it’s all so neat and well crafted. Who’s the main rapper? Is it Nahlej or djtjb? Great stuff.

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Old school flow with a modern dream-pop/lofi hip hop feel; great vibe to this.
Reminds me of Atmosphere, but with a dreamier feel which quite-a-nice-a.
Great lyrics, too. So well crafted.
LOVE the fx on the "all the same difference" background vox.
The tracks you two create are always catchy, vibey, and just flat-out great.
But the feel...the soul of the tracks is there, too.