Broken Glass

Broken Glass

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Liner Notes: 

The skirmish, which I am late for per usual, was to use the phrase "a bag of broken glass" and the chords C,D,F,G. I was immediately reminded of the glass they step on in Jewish weddings. This one didn't turn out as planned for the schlemiel in the song.

The chords are: Verse |: Cm | Gm7 | Dm7 | F G Fool Chorus |: Dm | C | G | G Fool


L’chaim! To Life! (mazel tov)
But who’s? surely not mine.

Her intent, confused (I’ll say!)
She said,”I do” but really didn’t

I thought, she loved me (Ha! ha!)
but it was all for naught

So why? the ritual (bridezilla?)
If she never planned to try?

Was it for fortune or fame?
To cause me torture and pain?
Either way I was way out of her class
She took the car, the house, my dreams
All I’m left is a bag of broken glass.

L’chaim! my ass!

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Wow, thanks for catching up with us for this skirmish. This is really cool. Love the vocals, and I'm surprised I didn't think of a Jewish wedding as a topic! Your production values are also really smooth. Great job!

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Love this lyric. She said I'll do, but didn't is a great line. Great skirmish. I would of never thought about a Jewish weddings broken glass either.

That the new guitar? sounds great, its got a good crunchy jangle to it when chorded and a nice crisp single noted tone.

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Very clever lyrics and a very creative take on the prompt. Nice jazzy music.

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Very interesting, clever and inspiring way for the prompt. Loving the jazzy vibes and the whole atmosphere. Beautiful lyrics, music, vocals and playing. Enjoyed listening very much.

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This is really entertaining. Love the lyrics and your take on the prompt. Very fun listen.

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Haha this is really fun! Like a whole movie in one song. Biggrin I liked those vocal ‘asides that really hiked up the entertainment factor. Clever lyrics. Great skirmish.

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Great skirmish write! Very original performance. Bookending the song with the breaking glass and the phrase “All I’m left is a bag of broken glass” is very effective.

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Oh, that is a fun write and a clever turn on the idea of the broken glass.

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This is such a wonderful take on the prompt and the music is so much fun! Love the beat! I love your delivery of the great lyrics - strong hook!

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Thanks for your wonderful comments on my song, "Broken Glass". It was a fun prompt!

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What a cool take on the prompt. The story is clever and witty. The end is perfect!

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Very fun song to listen to and it sounds like you had fun writing and singing it too! Clever use of the prompt for sure.