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Liner Notes: 

I haven't worked with beats before but want to learn. Welcome to the beginning of my beats journey! I wasn't ready to make a beat from scratch, so I nabbed one off my clav that sounded reassuringly lo-fi and unthreatening, and cut it up in the DAW. Originally the song sounded afro-beat-y in my head, but it didn't end up that way; partly because there's no afro-beat setting on my clav, and partly because I've heard a lot of Pink Pantheress this week and nicked ideas from / was educated by her this week.

If you listen to this and are good at beats, please feel free to tell me things to consider / next steps for a novice beat-maker. Other advice is also welcome!

(yes, I realise I've spelt arrhythmia wrong on soundcloud)



Hearts can be inconsistent
Inconstant, inconsistent
Hearts can be inconstant, inconsistent
They will stop beating if you don't keep an eye on them

Arrhythmia (x4)

Have you ever started something, then just stopped?
Have you ever started something, then just let it die?
Have you ever started something then just stopped?
Have you ever started, then just let it die?

Arrhythmia (x7)

Where's constancy? / push pull (can kill) / watch your heart

Stop for sense, stop for nonsense, stop for tiredness
Stop for duty, stop for money, stop for children
For confusion, for distraction
Hearts can be...
Watch your heart, watch your heart, watch your...
Watch your heart, watch your heart, watch your....

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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i like the beat that you are singing and playing to, but would like the track better if the drum and bass were removed.

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Love how you're playing with the beats here. So fits with the subject matter, and how the drum sounds like a medical machine. Nice!

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Dig the cleverness of the lyrics; I like repetition in vocals, personally. Just adds a lot of rhythm in my opinion.
This has a cool feel to it. The drum pattern you chose has a nice start/stop and isn't consistent, fitting for your theme (nice).
The rest of the instrumentation gives a playfulness to this that makes it feel light. And your vocal style mixes with the feel of the music in a unique way that kinda makes me think of neo-soul stuff.
I'm digging it.
As far as things to consider/advice, with this being your first outting with this kind of stuff, you already made something that sounds nice. Whatever cutting up of the pre-made beat you did in your DAW worked well, imo.
I'm nobody to offer advice, but just mess around with whatever drum machine you might already have in your DAW or find a free one and mess with making your own beats; very rewarding.
But sampling beats is also rewarding when you cut them up and arrange them just-so; which you already seem to be well on your way with.
My humble opinion is that its all about if you feel the rhythm..does it make YOU move YOUR body parts - that's how you know you're on to something. Make your own head bop.
A personal favorite method of mine is to add a hi-hat/shaker/SOMETHING on the upbeat or the 'and' of a beat; can't help but make the shoulders go up and down.
Ok, enough out of me. I liked this and you're well on your way in the beat-making universe. I wish you well on your journey!

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Oh Heather this is glorious!! So glad you are doing the beats as this is so upbeat!! Very cool to listen to, very enjoyable. I love the strong hook.. vocals and keys all sound so good. I love the overlapping vocals towards the end. So inspiring!! Well done!!

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Love this lyric. All great advice from splittybooms too, they're being modest about their own lack of "knowledge" Biggrin

I don't have the patience to program or sample stuff usually, I do everything with an e-kit, though I have played with some padded drum machines in the past that were a lot of fun as well..... so I'm of no help there, but great job splicing this up to give some inconsistency which is very fitting with the lyric.

I'm out of practice and just really getting back into the groove of it, but was a drummer/percusionist for years. One thing to remember and you seem to have a good handle on already anyway, most of the time the human ear will find things not lined up perfectly to grid or quantized or whatever terms the kids are using nowdays more pleasing than just a purely mechanical on time beat.

I did really enjoy this!

Rather than just pulling plug-ins, for me, and you said "other" comment, so, me,
- I'd first experiment with making them.

In fact there isn't a sound you have there that you could not make with a pillow in a box, stick on a hard cover book, wisk on a pan lid and then, if needed, - EQ them.

Learning the EQ and L/C/R (the "DAW"), is as much as part of this as any. So, "picking" a beat, is the "least" of it, so to speak.

What I've noticed is, everyone, has a "kitchen table" signature riff, beat, (you, mom, dad, grandma, etc.) - so, right now, sit at the table and rip off a beat. Likely that's been with you since you could do that. It's why your favorite musician, guitar shredder can't play YOUR favorite personal riffs, like you may not so easily theirs, - or drum beat, etc.
Furthermore, ? hahhh, maybe not necessary..., the first cajon's were Dresser Drawers, flipped over and beat on the backs of, or other stuff tossed in the garbage.

There are some famous tracks there were recorded in motel rooms, as I comment, - pillow in a box, other. Keith Richards (guitar player for the Stones), "famously" ? tossed a $3 Cassette Deck Mic to his cassette tape into his acoustic guitar, - the track used on that "hit" record. Gilmore of Floyd, - could not reproduce an iPhone track, so, that's the track in the Mix, others.

I comment to folks, think more like a kid, feel more like a kid, do more like a kid and just play more like a kid. Then one day, folks will be "writing" about "your", "right" way to do this, - that's all music theory, or books do, - deconstruct someone elses success in that moment. Make your own moments and be your own sound.
- Good luck with this new endeavor.