So Much Better With You

So Much Better With You

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Liner Notes: 

I haven't felt very creative today and have been busy. Needs music and vocals.


So Much Better With You
© 2021 Cindy Prince

I'm floating on my back
Adrift in the wind
You are beside me
We're together again

On our favorite water
The blue green lake
Looking forward to
The love we'll make

It's late summer
The seasons are starting to change
You're again my lover
And I couldn't arrange
My life any better
I'm so much better with you

We'll get frozen drinks and toast to one another
Then celebrate our bodies as we rediscover

We're getting too red
We float to the shore
Tomorrow we'll be
Very burnt and sore

But today's been perfect
I'm happy and back with you
Nothing like floating
Underneath a sky of blue

Repeat chorus

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This is very visual, Cindy! I like the detail about getting sunburned because it was totally unexpected! Very relatable and I can see them relaxing out on the water. Nice expression of feelings here.

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This is very touching lyric, full of authentic feeling and wisdom.

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Vivid and realistic portrayal of the romance and pain of a relationship….I can imagine the cool water feeling really good on sunburnt bodies, but the regret the following week as the sore and itchy pain sets in and skin begins to peel….

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Floating sounds nice. The lyric has a realism to it that brings it to life.