Long Night

Long Night

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Liner Notes: 

I was paired with Colgoo for a random collaboration. It must have been fate because what came out of the collab was my first original duet and a piece that I am very proud of. She took my lyrics to the next level with her guitar arrangement and excellent vocal melodies. It was a pleasure singing with her on this track.

Colleen: it was so much fun working with Chris. This is our first collab together, but I certainly hope we have many more to come. Chris is a fantastic vocalist and I love how our voices blend on duets! Also….great lyrics, am I right?



Run off now into the trees and hills
Don’t come back until you’ve had your fill
It’s been a long day
And you’re not okay

Catch the sunlight in your tired arms
Don’t let it go til the twilight comes
It’s been a long day
And you’re not okay


You’ve been reckless with your heart
I should have warned you from the start


Come inside and warm your weary bones
I know you’re running on fumes but you’re not alone
It’s been a long night,
And you’re not alright

A nip of whiskey by the fireplace
Should set you right as rain and light your face
It’s been a long night,
We could be alright


You’ve been reckless with your heart
I should have warned you from the start


Because day after day
We’ve made our mistakes
We’ve been running blind
Through the thorns and snakes
But if you took care of you
And I took care of me
We might look at each other
So much differently…


Pack your suitcase with your favorite things
Ignore the buzzing when your cell phone rings
It’s such a long flight
But we’ll be alright

Because we’re finally going in the same direction
A longtime overdue course correction
And we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright


We’ve been reckless with our hearts
Should have known it from the start…

We’ve been recklessly apart
No better time for a new start.

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Lovely singing from both of you. I like the simplicity of the arrangement, it really lets the lyrics and vocals shine. Beautiful harmonies.

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I’d like to echo Robyn’s remarks. Really nice duet. Glad to hear you two enjoyed working together. Final product is worthy.

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This is the magic of random collab at its best -- get two people together who haven't worked together before and see how well it works... and then create a new writing partnership! Smile

Really nice work, both of you. Great vocal blend and the interweaving of the parts is well done. The lyrics are solid and the guitar does exactly what it needs to, to support the vocals.

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Very beautiful, magical song. So wonderful to hear the fruits of random collaborations. Sometimes, like I hope in this case, they can be a beginning of collaborations. Hope to hear many more from both of you. Your duet is in so much harmony. It's clear you both enjoyed your collaboration. Your voices indeed sound wonderfully together.

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Such a gorgeous song. The vocals are beautiful. Such a pleasure to listen too.