TwoKeys Improv Demo

TwoKeys Improv Demo

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Liner Notes: 

Just experimenting with sounds. I used Korg 01W sound called Sanctuary for the rhythmic ostentato and a strings patch on my Casio Privia. I was delighted that they both routed through the Casio stereo outs.

Then I added layers of Spitfire Labs sounds; Flutter tongued trumpets, Wobbly Cellos, and choir.


Your choice. Sing whatever you like.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Bright and dramatic, and the insistent ostinato on the Korg adds tension nicely. The low strings on the Privia are gorgeous. Nice to hear some of my LABS favourites making an appearance, too!

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NICE improv. i love the swelling of the synth/keys it give a dramatic feel to the a from a movie scene looking over the cliffs into the ocean. Smile

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I learned a new word in ostinato!
I've also learned in hearing your stuff this year that you're a great composer. Really like your arranging in your songs and this is no exception.
I agree with all the other comments - this is dramatic, has great textures, and feels perfect for a movie.
Great sound choices as well.
Headfirstonly hipped me to Spitfire, but unfortunately I have it just collecting dust on my PC because I forget to use it.
There's a happiness here in this track that at times I felt would turn to melancholy, but it never really did.
For just experimenting with sounds, this was still a very enjoyable listen.

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Thanks so much for your comments, I am a fan of yours as well! I like the way you put your tracks together.
Spitfire has so many interesting sounds for free. Quite a few of them seem really specialized and maybe even odd, but i find that can get the creative juices flowing.
Keep rockin' out !

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some great use of the sounds here, love when the flutter tongue trumpet comes in., the insistent - almost morse code motif keeps it driving along and is a strong base to hang those more experimental sounds on. nice one.

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Thanks for listening! I'm glad for the comments - it helps me hear the music with different ears.

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This is an amazing first song of the morning - sounds like a sunrise! Orchestral and atmospheric. The synth tones give a fantasy or sci-fi feel. Lots to appreciate in headphones. Lovely!

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Thanks Chip for listening and commenting. I'm so happy you enjoyed my TwoKeys improv.