Desert Sand

Desert Sand

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Liner Notes: 

I focused on what my auto maker defines my car's color as. Desert sand. To me it's in the metallic beige or even gold family but the name of the color for the car struck me as an interesting title for a potential song or even poetry. Might make for something interesting in the sound department. Collabs welcome.

Anyone with desert experience or ever wonder about the desert?


Desert Sand

Firey glow
Desert sand
A sea of dunes
Covering land
Sun in sky
Moves past what's bare
Fading on the horizon
Without a care

Shadows grow on
Desert sand
A sea of dark
Is close at hand
Moon in sky
As night takes hold
Removing all of the light
The air now cold

Between extremes
The beauty streams
In an oasis of fertile ground
Where palm trees and water can be found

During the day
Desert sand
Is way too hot
As skin gets tanned
But at night
An arid chill
Has found a place
Where life is still

Sunfire © 2021

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Wonderfully vivid imagery. Who knows what lurks in the heart of automakers' colour names? But this is a cool riff (or perhaps a warm one!) off the name of your vehicle colour. I want to say my Tan Van is somewhere in the sand colour range as well.

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Great imagery! like it a lot! I love car colors! My faves can be seen in the metal flake of colors of 1968-1972 Hot Wheels collection!


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Beautiful imagry. Yes, I love the desert after living in Phoenix and spending a lot of time in Tucson and other small towns out there. Very poetic. Nice!