Not Even a Why

Not Even a Why

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Liner Notes: 

When: Wednesday Skirmish September 8, 2021 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT

Theme: Laugh - maniacal laughter? No laughing matter? Laughter is the best medicine? What gives you the giggles?

Tags: skirmish, songskirmish, s090821, feast, laugh

What: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*

Host: @vivalarayna

I wanted to go dark with, because of course I did.

You can take this as a cheating/break up song but what it's really about a person in love with a serial killer. They thought they could stay but then realized the killing was never going to stop.

I was going to go darker and more graphic but I thought leaving it ambiguous was a bit more effective also, some of the really cool lines I came up with were immediately forgotten when I went to write them down.

I the first few lines right away and chord progression write away but almost gave up to try something different when I hit a wall, I pushed through and got it done.


Verse: D5 G5 D5 A5
Chorus:em/em7 a7ish

Had the fucking grin
I didn't have to ask
I knew where you'd been
You've been there
Many times before
Gotten a taste
Now you need more

You laughed
While they cried
No rhyme or reason
Not even a why

I can't
Live this way
Never knowing
What comes day to day
But you
Have a hunger
You have to feed

You laughed
While they cried
No rhyme or reason
Not even a why

Can't go on like this
In the darkness
There is no bliss
I can't
Try to pretend
There's any other way
For this to end

You laughed
While they cried
No rhyme or reason
Not even a why

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I love how dark you go with songs. It is honestly comforting to know I'm notvthe only one who writes about serial killers, lol. I like the chord progressions here and how ambiguous you left it. It allows the listener to wonder just what is going on. Strong start with V1 grabbed my attention right away.

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Gosh, are you creative! I love where you went with it. Fabulous skirmish!

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There's a movie in there - great story! Strong beginning that hits hard from the start. The dark mood of the music is a perfect fit. Love the 7th chords and also suspensions that resolve in and out. Great chorus.

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That is a great chorus. So few words says so much. This is dark and sad and mysterious. Perfect! And your delivery is great!

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Good job getting it done! I really like how you kept changing your strumming pattern throughout the song. That kept my attention. Read the liner notes after listening. Never expected it to be about a serial killer…all makes sense now. Great vocal performance as usual…

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Fantastic writing and performing particularly given that it's for a skirmish. The story is really well told and what a unique subject for a song. You did a very creative job.

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Very very cool. A blues of betrayal, and that chorus is a kind of esoteric curve ball that takes it somewhere else/further. (And then, I read your notes, I don't do that at all usually, I like songs to stand for themselves, but sometimes I do after just cos)... Even if I hadn't, it works. Could be a keeper, would work acoustic or with a band set up. An even more curve ball bridge might work in a full orchestrated production too. Suggestion. Well done.
And a skirmish! Smile