Thoughts on a September Morning

Thoughts on a September Morning

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Liner Notes: 

First full day of highschool for F#1.

Just sitting on the brown couch feeling old.

vocal, guitar, one take: me

(apologies to anyone new around here who hasn't heard me sing like this. I know it's a bit offputting at first)


meteorological summer is over
the leaves are starting to turn
I can't believe how green it is
after the summer just burned

gotta mow the lawn again
whether I want to or not
the rains of this past August
almost make up for all the hot

thoughts on a September morning

first full day of highschool
for my not-so-little girl
hard to believe she's growing up
a big change in my world

thoughts on a September morning

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Is this really you? It shocked me-but I love it! I want to hear more like it!

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Well done. Hard to get up there with a run, to hit it first note is very impressive! Very cool.

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That falsetto is amazing and suits the song so well. Love the bluesy feel. The lyrics are reflective and simple, and you deliver them with precision. I like this a lot!

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I agree that the falsetto suits you. I felt emotional listening to this. My baby girl will be a teenager next week. I find it hard to believe she is growing up! You capture that feeling so well.

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Wow Alex! That is some impressive falsetto singing there...I knew you had a great range but to hear you sustain that pitch over the course of this lovely song was so good! I replied to your suggestion about a collab btw...just let me know...

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Not offputting at all. I've heard you get up in your range before, but not for a full song like this, usually when just doing some harmonizing. Really amazing! Such a great and thoughtful little bluesy riff and write too. Great song! This hits me too, I'll be celebrating my one and onlys 18th in a few days. Bittersweet, I'm feeling ancient in my very early 40's, but no longer have to deal with her mother Biggrin