Ah, It's You

Ah, It's You

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Liner Notes: 

This is a song that I wrote a few years ago but never got anyone to play it. Until now! This was recorded by the flute duet I have been working with. This is actually take 2, but who's counting? It features Ted Bell and Laurel Ferretti on flutes and me on piano. Ted is improvising on the second time through.

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takes me back to the days when brazilian music brightened the soundscape of AM radio. so light and joyous.

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The flute has such a pretty sound. It's lovely.

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some tasty turnarounds in this. lovely arrangement and performance. very enjoyable listen

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Thanks for your listen and nice comments. I like your use of turnarounds as well. They make the music fresh.

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A flute duet! Wow. Love that. I like the bouncy nature of the song. Piano is lovely as well. It all makes you feel happy. Fun title too!

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Thanks for your warm comments to my tune. I'm delighted that it made you feel happy!

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I like the careless feel of this. Like a sunny day with a breeze and and lightheartedness and feelings of anticipation! Thanks for your nice words on Kate's and my song.

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This just gives off good vibes. Makes me feel better leaving than when I came in.
Makes me think of various things - opening theme to an old sitcom/tiv show; friends getting together after dinner and having a jam session with flutes and piano; the beach (for some reason); a spring day where the sky is very blue and clear and I'm walking down some boardwalk or a town square with shops and cafes on either side and everyone is happy.
All happy, nice thoughts and feelings.

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Thank you! I am so glad my song gives you those happy feelings. For too many years I thought I could only write music when I was sad. Lately I'm turning that around and trying to write more stuff that leaves me feeling happy. I love that it reminded you of the beach or a boardwalk. Maybe there is another song in that direction, eh?

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This is so beautiful. This feels like classic Bossa Nova….are you sure this tune didn’t exist before? Really nice. It transports me to Brazil. I feel like I am sitting in an outdoor cafe in Manaus looking out over the Amazon.