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Liner Notes: 

Well....what can I say? My father died in the 2021 Waverly, TN flood. My father was my hero and my idol. After days of crying in my wife's arms every night and having the memorial service, I began to get angry and sadder.

I'm still there, actually. I feel like I'm going insane. This song is a representation of that. I was up late, I put a thrashing on some of my equipment, and I broke one of my outboard pieces when I got pissed and dropkicked it.

Hope you enjoy this song. It's probably my most emotional, angry, sad, and representation of me feeling hopeless all in one song, to date.

**(This track is not from the same EP as $ide$plitta)**


Just close your eyes
forget your name
forget the world
now go insane

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Man, I hope this was therapeutic for you. So sorry...What a tragedy. I looked up some details on that flood. Crazy. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Musically, your songs are all so solid. Production is enviable. Was glad to see you post another one here. Please don't go insane...

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I am so sorry to hear about your father! Tragic is definitely the word! Yes, I can imagine this was quite therapeutic! It was for me just listening to it. I need an awesome EDM track around now. Aggressive - yes! I haven’t been producing much of that lately and I need to get back to it. Quite inspiring! Love it!

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So sorry about your dad… channelling grief into music is the best therapy because wowsa that is banging through my monitors! Woo! This is a Friday night party through to Saturday epic track. What a great mix. This needs to be on the decks of a DJ in a swish club making the crowd go wild on the dance floor 90’s Ministry of Sound stylee! Fab production!

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what can a person say except that because you were able to pour all that pain and anger into your music,you are not. alone. we can feel it and are with you,

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So sorry about your dad. They are really tough words to read.... really tough. Music is a release so I hope it helps you get over this tragic event.

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So sorry for your loss, NuJ4X... I'm glad your wife was there for you.

Music is wonderful therapy and has gotten me through many an "episode". I think that's why I write so many "breakup" and "country" songs.

I didn't know you were around here this year--so I'm glad I came across this!

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A powerful song--sorry about the circumstances.

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Sorry to hear about your father. My condolensces!
Such a beautiful mix on a kicking track. Just stomping! A famous writer once said, "we have art so that we do not die of the truth".
Thanks so much for your very kind words on my "agent in an overcoat". Gris gris indeed! Smile

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Firstly very sorry to hear about your loss Sad Losing a parent is one of the hardest things we ever have to endure in this life. On the musical side, JFC I think I had a flashback to my early 2000s rave days! I feel the house/electro house element in there for sure, but there's this sneaky goa trance vibe hiding around the background and I loved it!. Not even sure if goa trance is still a thing or not. But again I say JFC! What an absolute banger!

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One can feel every emotion in this special song that builds and builds only to let go and rebuild. I am so very sorry for your loss.