Give Yourself

Give Yourself

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Liner Notes: 

Today's the first day of school up here in Canada in many jurisdictions. For the metalfoot clan, it means F#1 is off to high school (!) this fall, and F#2 is in Grade 7 and F#3, my baby, is in Grade 4.

How the time flies!

This morning's brief write-and-record (and this time before consuming my tea, as I slept in a little!) is an encouragement to my littles to not be afraid to fail. I mean, there is literally no jeopardy of them actually failing if they are anything like their parents. But to be willing to make mistakes and learn and grow.

That's what you see me doing, learning and hopefully growing, as I write these hundreds of songs every year. Once in a while I even write a good one. This one, which borrows somewhat deliberately the feel of a famous classical piece, is not that.


Give yourself permission to fail
Permission to lose
Permission to stink

Give yourself the right to be wrong
The right to fall
The right to sink

And you'll find you'll learn a lot
In the short days that you have

And you'll find you'll learn a lot
In the short days that you have

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I love this, and I sure needed to hear it this morning! My daughter is now a sophomore in college, and I had a moment of hovering-dad this morning.
What a touching, personal song and performance! I'm giving a second listen now - I really like the guitar pick/strum pattern.

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Great advice in such a nice song! Really love this simple but powerful song!

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yup it is good advice any other can create so many issues! Nice gentle thoughtful delivery