Coming Back

Coming Back

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Liner Notes: 

[Inspo ]

- playing piano for retirement homes
- Navillera (kdrama)
- meeting with a friend from a different university 3 years later and him saying his professor remembers a piece that someone played for and audition and asked about that person whereabouts.

[ Keywords ]

Rebirth, Lost, Found, Art, Peace, Shape, Purpose

[ Story ]

A continuation of the story of the ballerina who failed the big audition of her career(from the last song that I've uploaded).

3 years have passed since that disastrous time. She gave up ballet and went back to school to pursue a degree in kinesiology.

She's in her final year, currently also volunteering at a senior physiotherapy center downtown.

She found an open space that the patients sometimes use for yoga/therapy.

Observing the space, touching the bars and equipment, it was like she was back in time. She could almost hear the sound of pointe shoes, classical music. the rustles of tutus.

She guesses she does miss the ballet life.

Recently she saw an alumni friend who told her that a professor from his prestigious school remembered her and asked about her whereabouts. It made her feel special and curious for the first time since she gave things up.

Started reminiscing through dance. No one is there anyway, she thought.

The dance was melancholic, depicting disappointment, loneliness, and a sense of loss.

Memories of throwing away everything, her relationship, her friends, practicing until she’s injured, for that fated audition.

She remembered dancing and seeing the judges shaking their heads.

She remembered her parents pitying her and giving her money to pay for expenses after, assuming that she won't get accepted to any other Ballet Company at that point.

She stopped dancing and was about to start packing her things. This is too depressing. She remembered why she stayed away from ballet ever since.

But then she saw an old couple smiling and clapping slowly from the corner of the room. They said how nice to be young and able to dance so beautifully.

She said a bit shamefully that she's actually as young as she looks, and confessed her dance career didn't seem like it was working out - and she gave up.

The old couple told her that they were patients of the clinic just passing by and saw her dancing, and want to learn from her. They thought her dance and skills were so beautiful, and they want to take lessons if she offers them.

"You're in your 20s. You're 'young'. We're in our 70s."

“I didn’t have time to do what I want before. but now I do. Maybe it’s too late for me to become a ballerina or national ballroom dancer. but I still want to do it. What’s wrong with that?"

"I think Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Writers, create and express whether or whether or not someone is around to watch.”

Without waiting for a real answer, the old couple adorably starts dancing with themselves and showing the ballerina their old moves when they were 'young and sprightly' dancing to Moon River and Spanish tunes. And asked what steps can they improve on.

She smiles and made some adjustments to their posture.

Turns out some other seniors started to gather at the entrance of the studio and asked if they can join in. People start pouring in.

She gave in to agreeing to become their instructor.

With newfound delight - she rushed to the dance store after work that day to buy supplies, and even though hesitantly, a new pair of pointe shoes.

She feels fulfillment in teaching the senior dance and seeing the joy in their faces. Sessions were filled with laughter and excitement.

After so many years, she fell into dance again. She suspects that she still has a passion for it.

Sometimes after practice, the seniors will ask her to dance solo or ask her to duet with them.

They have fun. No judges, no pressure to do multiple pirouettes.

It's just a happy, safe place for people to dance.


*unfinished song, I want the last montage to end with a scene of her coming back from work, and saw an opportunity to dance ballet at a professional stage again*

I do think some parts of the songs sound disjointed. Not really sure if I planned to have a medley-like thing, or just need to make better transitions between sections.

Would love your opinions!


Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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That’s a great story, and really you have a movie more than a song.

The only disjointed thing, I thought, was the transition around 3:13 where there’s abrupt silence, voices, then a brighter piano sound and a shift in mood. I see you had that bright piano sound in other places, but that one sounds abrupt.

Otherwise, I think you have a solid motif thread that holds this piece together.