The Fish Weir

The Fish Weir

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The Fish Weirs

Liner Notes: 

I recently visited a national historic site, the Fish Weirs at the Atherly Narrows.


The Fish Weirs
we're having a lovely holiday
on the trent severn waterway
Out of the Port of Orillia
approaching the atherly narrows
a great place for people to fish
they're always biting at the narrows.
you can still hear all the old stories

If the fish were treated with respect
they would offer themselves up to the net.

for centuries the people would come
to the place where the Hurons lived
the men would go to Mitchekining
between Oentaron and Couchiching
to the narrows there
with the fish weirs

the women and children would stay behind
to repair the nets and prepare for the time
in the fall, when the men would travel to the weir
the sleep of winter would soon be here.


the Huron nation was decimated
by disease and war history has told
the Ojibwa people migrated there
and they called themselves Mnjikaning,
the people of the fish fence

centuries passed, the Anishinaabeg
are now stewards of this sacred place
a bond between Creator and all living things
where the spirits of animals, and birds
people and water all come together
with the fish at Mnjikaning
This sacred place has been revived
And the stories once again come alive
Told round the campfires and POW wows
By the elders who keep their vows
Our native roots cannot be erased
The people keep a history that can be traced
All parts of our turtle island

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Very cool storytelling-- I regret not learning more about the history of the Orillia area as a child but there was loads of history right in the Midland/Penetanguishene area!

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yup good story, sounds like my sort of place, i often fished a place called the narrow! always respect them must be why catch! Nice again

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Wow now you are out YouTube - well done. You have told a very interesting story here. I like the idea of treating fish with respect. The sound quality of the mandolin and vocal is very good.

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Very cool storytelling. This feels like an old story that has passed down around a campfire for generations...and accompanied by mandolin.

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Good storytelling. Tough words to flow smoothly like that. The story did come alive.