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Liner Notes: 

I have been on a short vacation, traveling by boat on the Trent Severn Waterway. Very poor cellular service, so I hope this video works for you.


in the early hours of morning
before the sun burns off the haze
the mist blankets everything
as we take our separate pathways

now its quiet on the water
a single bird calls from afar
the solitude is deafening
and i wonder where you are.

oh i miss your morning touch
as you held me oh so close
and i miss the way you smiled
thats the thing i miss the most.

sometimes the skies were stormy
you were always my shining star
its a long lonely journey
and i wonder where you are

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A pleasant melody that feels like drifting down the Trent (one doesn't drift so much in the rockier Severn!).

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What a tranquil experience listening to you sing and watching that beautiful video.

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as a long time fisherman this my fav time! cold sometimes when that mist rises! very nice song to welcome the day.

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I'm with Sunfire here. It's surreal to watch the video and listen. Nice to hear your music again...

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What a lovely song. Good singing and melody. I like how the last line of the verses slow down a bit and do their own thing. The video captures so much of nature's beauty and I enjoyed it while listening to the song.