Something Good

Something Good

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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17: It's like Alex knows me or something...
metalfoot: Or something Wink


The cycles of nature
Go round and round
And round and round and round
Sometimes more pleasant
More often, they get me down

Green luscious seasons
Followed by drought
Time to help our planet
Oh, it’s the only route

(I'm doing the best)
I’m doing the best I can
To be a part of a better plan

I'm doing the best I should
To be a part of something good

Flood, fire, disaster
Stick in my mind
In my mind, in my mind
As life goes faster
What will I find?

Children, grandchildren
The family ties
I'm feeling so much older
Heaving deep sighs

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I really love this collab! Love the music and performance-more like this!

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You know, lately I've been thinking of starting my own political party; The Party Party.
Cos, really, there's not much hope for humans on this planet.
Conversely, the planet can eventually recover from whatever we do to it.
So why not just party hard for the little time we have left?
Anyway, I appreciate the hopeful lyrics here.
And yet the last few lines reveal the underlying pessimism.
Maybe I'm overthinking all this.

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This is certainly good. Smile Always cool to see two creatives that I admire greatly compose something cool and inspiring. This made me smile while I sitting at my desk looking at the responsibilities of the day that I must attend to. This song made the task of doing more bearable...because I'm doing some good. Seriously - I am.

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Wonderful lilting vocals and guitar. Insightful, topical, and universal lyrics on a weighty subject. A wonderful collab!