That's Not Smart

That's Not Smart

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Liner Notes: 

this was fun! Hope it's not vocals overload !



I fiddled with the lime
In my daiquiri
Checked my phone one more time
But only saw low battery

I signaled for the tab
Told myself the truth
You’re a cad and a coward
Don’t wanna hear your lame excuse

[ch 1]
Oh, that’s not smart
To walk away from me
You’ve got no heart
No integrity
You’re an amateur
On another detour
And that’s not smart
That’s not smart

I order some fast food
Find a movie on TV
Lean into a quiet night
And consider myself lucky

With you life is too heavy
There is no cloud nine
I’m done with disrespect
Ya know you’ll miss me in no time

[ch 2]
Yeah, that’s not smart
To walk away from me
You’ve got no heart
No integrity
You’re a fast talker
With nothing to offer
And that’s not smart
That’s not smart

I won’t get lost in your lies
So don’t try to color yourself pretty
I can see the fables coming
But you really aren’t that witty

Repeat ch #1

©2021 Kristi McKeever

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richaaaay's picture

Oh Serene…You are killing it…With attitude, skill and precision. Another fantastic job. Love it!

Sunfire's picture

This is great. I love your vocal approach & delivery of the lyric. All in all, great song. I can play this multiple times. Awesome collaboration.

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Serene...hey, this is terrific! I agree with the two posters above me. Love way it opens to set the stage and all the vocal harmonies and spoken parts. And I like how she checks her phone again at the end! Of course! lol I was unsure about that "witty" line, but you pull it off perfectly! It's a catchy song full of great attitude! Thank you for this!!

coolparadiso's picture

I told Kristi what a cool lyric it was! Of course you've nailed it, so pleased you took it on, perfect choice! Very good - oooo and i hear the big production behind in my head! Top stuff.

mike skliar's picture

this has a great vibe and attitude that really highlights the lyric- very well done!

davidtaro's picture

This could so be a hit for a girl group. I mean, you've actually included multiple vocal parts in your demo, so you've done all the work for them already! I love the cafe ambience at the start, it's an extra little production detail and it really sets the scene nicely. Cool minor chords, great rhythm that you're playing too. The little glimpses of spoken word in the background keep you really engaged. Repeating the first few lines at the end is a brilliant touch too. I knew you'd knock this one out of the park - well done!!

wacha's picture

This is a great collaboration, Kristi's lyrics are solid and Serene's is treatment of them is nothing short of perfection. The song has a Lily Allen feel that I'm really into, nice work to both of you!

Roddy's picture

Great collar. The sound effect at the start is very good. The lyrics are very strong and the music fits them very well. I like your minimalist production and all the vocals .

Jerry Pettit's picture

Terrific collaboration, ladies--great lyrics and great music. What it's all about!

kenmattsson's picture

Great setting of this, and your vocals, harmonies, and instrumentals are so cool. It feels polished and rough at the same time. Great job!

wobbie wobbit's picture

sassy is a good word. strong set of lyrics that are interestingly phrased and delivered with such a great attitude and the doubled vocal sounds great. nice collab

Zeekle's picture

What a great interpretation of the lyrics. Brilliant.