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Liner Notes: 

Did the random wikipedia challenge and got Vigoroso da Siena ( There's not a lot to be said about him (as he only has one documented work, lol) so for some reason it took shape in my head as a song about medieval work-life balance.


sitting in the studio painting apostles
one by one til the money comes in
til the money comes in, til my stew runs less thin
they say vigoroso, won't you stay, vigoroso
but that's not what they pay me for

every duke and lady wants a piece of my time
well they'll get the art they ordered and not another dime
is it a crime to protect your own shine
they say vigoroso, won't you linger, vigoroso
but i won't lift a finger after five

don't act new here
i know you know
that gold and blue don't grow on trees
so eat your apples and charm your snakes
i'll be two countries on before the freeze

packing up the brushes and tying a satchel
goodbye, goodbye, this town has been
fine to me, but it's all fine with me
oh vigoroso, it's a sunny day, vigoroso
yes i'll be on my way
vigoroso, i can't much stay, vigoroso
maybe you'll hear about me someday

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I loved every second! Fantastic lyricism great performance your voice is smooth! Great track!

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i always wondered what they would sing if the old masters had played the blues.

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Wonderful! This is a really effective “character sketch;” we get a terrific sense of the man (as you’ve portrayed him). The song has a nicely relaxed, laid-back feel that makes me want to sit in a rocking chair and watch the sun go down. Smile