Yes, really.

Yes, really.

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i was waiting for the kick and OOFFF! real head groovin here. sounds great and why wouldn't it. wow 2.37 ish, wild sound. love it!

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There we go! Great slow blues groove. (I only wish I could play slide like that!) And, wow, did that build. I love love love this!

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Gorgeously clean and uncluttered slide playing. Not an easy thing to sound that tidy, for sure. Great groove, great laid-back vibes prompting reminiscences of the James Gang that get progressively more raucus and OTT; what's not to like?

Absolutely splendid stuff!

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Great slide playing. Strong blues.

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Your guitar playing prowess is more and more apparent with every song of yours I listen to. Subtle, clean and deliberate. So impressively we’ll done. Inspiring…

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This is impressive right from the start but when those drums kicked in I really felt it. Superb guitar playing as always and the production is really clean and solid. Love the wall of sound at the end. I love this!

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This is great all around. Guitar sounds awesome I like the bass groove against it, adds nice tension. Very cool!

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wicked slide guitar. great blues driving drums and guitars.....excellent production!