If Even a Dog [important msg from the prez]

If Even a Dog [important msg from the prez]

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(I think the several hundred Service Dogs was the tipping point for me; interesting how that works; no purer soul and abandoned by it's tribe, - wow. "Just 'cause didn't want to be bothered", wow, any dog's rescue his ashes in '08? Wow. Of what value then, are you, if even dim enough? Hahhh, I'll add, and you can believe it, I'd've boarded the jet ready to defend my combat team mate, uno!? Wink Mine would'a come back, - period. If an issue, ?, I'd've adopted any one of them, knotta problem. Imagine the MONEY and folks homeless in San Fran, NYC, TX, IL, et alia N.W. etc. dim areas, and below the Southern Border... sell a Blackhawk and buy'em all new tents and drugs, aye!! Wink Fool )

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Vocals and guitar sound great. All of those service dogs left behind made me very angry too. Another round of fuck you please.

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Yes, that was one of the lows of this administration. Made me angry also.

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Pretty sickening, as most any dog that's used in service is only going to bond once. It woul take a whole lot of patience and understanding for someone to even adopt them, but pretty par for the course of US history, use 'em and toss 'em aside, be it allies, soldiers, on and on and on and on.

Heard a tape from air control a few weeks ago talking to a pilot. The pilot said we've got 800 and some odd people on board and air control immediately responded.......holy shit! I mean good job getting off the ground Biggrin