head on the window

head on the window

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you were a car driving down the highway
in the middle of the night in the dark of a late summer cold front

i was asleep but just half asleep
yes i heard your tires on the edge of my ear
and i wonder where you've gotten to by now

i've been enrobed in a jacket of strings
oh of beautiful strings from people who love me
but what if my ghost could jump out of me
and rest my head on the window of your passenger seat

the whole world, the whole world
is just a moment
i think we might
do it again

the whole world, the whole world
is just a moment
i think we might
do it again

the smell of the pines and the lure of the sea

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ethereal and poetic and really nicely done! great to hear this! Smile

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what a lovely song! so simple but so much! lovely clean guitar and great tone in the vocals! great listen

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Hey.. I love the first song you posted so was thrilled to see you'd put up another one. Your songs hit hard for me.. they are honest and heartfelt. You write so poetically too..

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I'm not going to get into analysis. Let me just say that I love it. That's a great change of pace, the "whole world" part. I sat for about 10 seconds after the song abruptly ended, thinking maybe there would be more. Your voice and simple guitar really hit for me. I love the lyric, too, though I don't know what it means

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That description of being "asleep but just half asleep" perfectly evokes the experience of being a passanger on a long car journey that you lapse into a couple of hours in when the novelty of the adventure has worn off (and if you've been lucky enough to get a window seat, it applies very well to long-haul flights too.) Such a complex picture painted by a deft choice of words here, and the delivery is very much my sort of thing.

That ending is just right.