Simple Things

Simple Things

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Liner Notes: 

Too much doom and gloom lately! I need to get back to basics. Let's see, what's the real essence of rock and roll? What's it really all about?

Trying to get something going on without being too creepy about it.

Okay, let's try that.


Baby won’t you hold my hand
It’s not hard to understand
I’m just a man

Baby let’s walk side by side
And if you’re feeling shy
We’ll go inside

And we can sit, just you and me
No concerns, no place to be
And if that’s what is meant by being free
It’s just fine

And we don’t need to touch
If you prefer to have it such
But if it’s not a bit too much
Be all mine

Baby won’t you hold my eye
With a look you could hold my eye
And I’d never ask you why
So you wouldn’t have to reply

Baby won’t you hold my head
Kiss me once, or I’ll kiss you instead
Then take me to bed

And if you were to say
I’d take you home, or take you away
And we could spin out the day
and see what it brings

And if you see the light
I’d be inclined to hold you tight
Because I think that they’re alright
These simple things

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wobbie wobbit's picture

great song. i love the polite manner of this wooing, then the twist of the take me to bed line which i loved the delivery! i can imagine this being an old Roy Orbison classic

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whether you are being creepy or not depends on whether or not the girl likes you. you have insinuated both creepy and romantic elements into this performance. wobbie hits the nail on the head with her roy orbison, comparison if only for that one chord change. also, the creepy element reminds me of how david lynch used orbisons in dreams in blue velvet

KateStantonSings's picture

Your voice is so chill and cool. This is a well-written song. I really like your voice and guitar! It's romantic and kind. I like it!!

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It has all this old fashioned, sweetness and innocence, and then bam "then take me to bed". Didn't see that coming. Probably more realistic this way -lol. I like the romantic vibe of the music and vocals. It was an enjoyable listen.