These four walls

These four walls

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love the stereo mix of this - how the different parts weave and poke out in different parts of the phrase. another cracker!

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Not a note out of place. Very polished and enjoyable.

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Ooooh, good ol' funky riffage.
Straight up my listening alley.
Got my moving way too early in the day.
Making stank faces and got the neck action going on as I nod.
LOVE your guitar playin.
Great drums on this, too.

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Oooh. This is *tight*.

Plenty of dynamics, light and shade, mellow chords right the way through to Allman Brothers melt-yer-face-off slide work. Gorgeous tones, too. The crunch is particularly satisfying. I very much like.

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Yup very classy, got those very Santana flashes. Really enjoyable.

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Impressive guitar work, again. So tasteful. Fantastic tone with the guitar, bends, vibrato…an entire wheelhouse of goodness. Drums were killer too.

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Killer guitar tone! Really enjoyed this. Smile And holy crap that last bit! Incredible!