Feels Like A Song

Feels Like A Song

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Liner Notes: 

I did a load of toplines for some international DJs 2 years back... the problem with pitching toplines is you don't own the track so if they don't make the cut you're left with a topline you own but can't use UNLESS you find a duo as genius enough as @Nahlej381 and @djtjb to reverse engineer it for you! Result! Cheers guys we've got ourselves a banger Smile


'Feels Like A Song'
2021 Copyright Georgie Cooper, Adam Burozski, Travis Beltz
All Rights Reserved

I was lost in love
With no one there for me
Until you opened up your heart
And really cared for me

Now I believe in love
It's been there all along
It's true that all my fear is gone
Everyday feels like a song

Everyday feels like a song

Everyday feels like a song

I thought I was alone
There was no hope for me
Until you took me in your arms
And gave your all to me

Now I believe in love
That it was never lost
It's true that all my fear is gone
Everyday feels like a song

Everyday feels like a song

Everyday feels like a song

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WoW! This is great!

Love the lyrics, Super voice! and production is top notch! Sounds great on a lap top it has to be killer on a good system!


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This really is a banger! "Every day feels like a song" is a killer hook and a lovely sentiment as well. This needs airplay!

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Radio and club ready! What a great track...a surefire hit!

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What? How? Wow! What? How? Crazy! Holy smokes! Jeezum! What? Wow! What? How?

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great stuff! really well done everyone involved! radio ready for sure!

billwhite51's picture

lots of creative and imaginitive touches lift this above the common run of dance tracks. you not only want to dance to it, you can also listen to it. body music for the mind,

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Wow, super production and a killer hook (and love how you answer that hook in the distance!). The delay on "Every" sounds so good. Reminds me of Black Eyed Peas and I'm singing along! Excellent lyric too, simple, to the point and with a great message.

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I reckon you'd have a hit with that. just back from Creamfields and could easily see some DJs mixing this up! nice one!

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Radio ready...the vocals are dope! This is great collab. @Nahlej381 and @djtjb awesome job .

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Damn this is good. Love the grove of it, and the vocals and instrumentation slaps. I want to get up and dance around the room with this.

Ah, starts off with that awesome House track beat and then the vocals with a cool vocoder effect and then the House track continues. Love that!

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Saw the names involved. That was enough for me.
Soaring, catchy vocals cut up and used expertly over that good ol' EDM suite of ear candy, cannot go wrong here.
This is ready for the floor.
Festivals would eat this up (not that I know what I'm talking about...i never been to a festival nor do I even listen to EDM lol) But its got everything that I personally need to wanna move something.
Great sound choices on the track, too - that deep and full piano sounds great and that kick is MAJOR. I also like the crunchiness of the mix in contrast with the clear vocals.

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fantastic collab! great hook and the club treatment just sets it so well. sounds brilliant and yes BANGER is the word! top job to all involved!

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I would crank it up if this came on the radio!! Nice work all of you.

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This is really great! Although I'm getting a kick out of laughing about what this would sound like with the top line and just done acoustically or something if you didn't have those two to put that amazing track together. Really great work all around! It's got a nice dance beat, but also plenty of great ear candy if you just want to relax and soak it all in. Good stuff!

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This sounds SO professional. Lively, foot-tapping music and words just made to be sung! I like it a lot!

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Love that distinctive nahlej/djtjb sound on this one - if there was any sense in the world, you guys would be mega famous super producers, maybe with your own fashion line and branded fragrance Smile

Add in Georgie’s absolute earworm of a hook (I’m going to be singing that all day now…), and you’ve got an intoxicating mix! Sensational work, well done all!

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I agree with others; this needs airplay! This is better than most stuff on the radio for sure. I love the vocals at 1:00 "soooooong". Well done all!

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I have no idea what it means to have toplines but I’m so glad that you did and found collaborators to work with to create this amazing song that makes me want to go out to a club and drink some gin and dance and flirt. So catchy and fun and great production! Fabulous!

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This is so damn cool. From EDM to a slight chiptune feel to an awesome vocal line. This is great.

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Great dance track. Sophisticated and slick. Delivers a powerful and uplifting message to The Listener anchoring positive thought. Great collab you guys!