A Stitch In Time

A Stitch In Time

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Liner Notes: 

I spent awhile trying to come up with lyrics for this that weren't just apocalyptic "we're all going to die" fatalism. But... that's what the song is about. It's what the song was always about.

I've become fatalistic about the fatalism of my song. I don't like it.

I need to go read something cheerful and stop thinking about climate change. Right after I get this damn report in. Bah.


Blessed be who seek to find
The play unseen, a stitch in time

But I say
The hour has grown too late
For a hope that wasted years
Delay has sealed our fate
And we’ll realize all fears

Still you study, line by line
Praying for a stitch in time

But you know
There’s no triumph we can reach
Just by playing out the game
Still once more into the breach
The quality of hope is strained

And we’re marching to an end
Long ordained
can’t win, can’t break even
Can’t get out of the game

But `til walls come down
Until the walls come down
Until there's no hope left to find

You’ll keep pushing that rock up the hill in your mind
Trying to force the clock to unwind
And crying out
For a stitch in time

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I love this- the music has a wonderfully unsettled quality that matches the Shakespearean intensity of the lyric. (love your Will S. semi-quotes too!)
The lyric has a great meta-quality too, commenting on the comments and thoughts so many of us have, perceptive and important stuff.

great work!

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Nailed this one! great driving beat and those slightly unsettling bits really add to the whole story. I love the last 4 lines!

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this has a talking heads quality that keeps it from becoming a depressing diatribe. the message comes across clearly, but the music keeps us from wallowing in it . makes us want to do something about it

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it really is worthy of the doom and gloom at the moment! i like the dark heavy backing and i agree the vocals at least have a talking heads vibe. lets hope we make some discovery that will give us back the time we have wasted. great song.