I Sigh and Fall to Sleep

I Sigh and Fall to Sleep

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Liner Notes: 

Great prompt and all these images came to mind.


I Sigh and Fall to Sleep
© 2021 Cindy Prince

Evening's come once again
The stars are now glistening
You are reading to me
And I am happy listening

I can't keep from yawning
It's the sound of your voice
I'd listen for many hours
If I had a choice

You read me about adventures
About mysteries that haven't been solved
I try to keep my eyes open
To see what is resolved
Your deep voice becomes a whisper
You tell me of promises to keep
Although I try to stay awake
I sigh and fall to sleep

It's every night's ritual
You reading in my room
And all the problems fall away
As you tell me about ancient tombs

I treasure every story
Far away places and pirate ships
My eyes again get heavy
And I take a dream filled trip

Repeat chorus

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Awww, this brings up such wonderful memories of bedtime stories. Beautiful lyrics and a charming, heartwarming take on the prompt.

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Very creative idea with bedtime stories. Makes me think back to those moments. Good writing!

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Beautifully nostalgic with lovely descriptions of memories that sound so special. Wonderful response to the skirmish.

splittybooms's picture

This took me back. For me, it was my mother reading to me when I was little.
I...had forgotten those memories. This made me emote.
Beautiful lyrics.

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This is a great take on the prompt, lost of strong images that bring up a lot of memories and emotion. Really nice work!

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Another excellent lyric Cindy...heartwarming and special!