Who You Are is Who You Are [musicated 01Sept'21]

Who You Are is Who You Are [musicated 01Sept'21]

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Dig the vocals, music and harmonica. Great sound quality.

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Very hypnotic and soothing at the same time. Great guitar and piano playing. Lyrics are cool

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Wow this is amazing. Loved the piano, the strings, basically everything. And the lyrics wow.

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This is a lot more moody and hypnotic than I’d envisioned after reading the lyrics myself when they were first posted without music. But I really like how you’ve executed your vision; there’s a quietly aggressive power here that I wasn’t expecting, but that adds heft and passion to the spiritual concept. Riveting, and well worth a listen with the lights out, eyes closed, just … contemplating the force and meaning of the message.

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One of your best! That guitar is something special. Might sound like turds in the room(I know it doesn't) but records spectacularly. This is just really great, not much else to say.

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The subtle nature of your singing gives this some power, very well done.