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Liner Notes: 

When: Wednesday Skirmish September 1, 2021 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT

Theme: Sleep (since I didn't get any due to the apocalyptic storms that moved through with the remnants of Ida last night).

What: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*

Host: @vivalarayna

I like this prompt a lot. I usually fall asleep very fast, but occasionally have a night where it's really hard. My wife on the other hand has some insomnia and I really feel for her.


I wanna get to sleep
But I've got so much on my mind
And I'm lying here in such a bind
As the nighttime slowly ticks away

I just can't get to sleep
Close my eyes and really try
But constant thoughts keep dropping by
And tomorrow becomes today

Sleep, I try letting go
Sleep, worry starts to grow
I'm so tired and feeling low

I'd better get to sleep
Or just how will I face the day
Except to simply run away
And try again tomorrow

I'll never get to sleep
Might as well get up right now
The night is over anyhow
My mind continued sorrow

Sleep, I try letting go
Sleep, worry starts to grow
I'm so tired and feeling low

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Godd vocals & guitar on a subject I think many have difficulty with. I like the way you sing sleep through out the song. It's like a longing for something we all desperately need more of.

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Oof. I feel these lyrics. Why does the brain suddenly come to life when it's time to wind down?? Very relaxing almost ASMR song. I enjoyed it immensely!

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Oh bosh can I hear that longing for sleep. Brilliant skirmish and song! Love the feeling of the music so much!

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Love the chord progression and bass run on the guitar...that's my wheelhouse! Your harmonies are always great. I've had my own real battles with insomnia so I make a point of having a good bedtime routine now. I think so many people can relate to what you're writing here... Great results for a skirmish Jeff!

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Wow, what a great job with the prompt! I love the bass riff you are playing on the guitar, it adds a bit of dramatic flair to the song. The darker feeling guitar works well to highlight the lighter delivery of you vocals. This is a solid skirmish, really nice work!