Your Soul to Steal

Your Soul to Steal

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Liner Notes: 

When: Wednesday Skirmish September 1, 2021 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT

Theme: Sleep (since I didn't get any due to the apocalyptic storms that moved through with the remnants of Ida last night).

Tags: skirmish, songskirmish, s090121, feast, sleep

What: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*

Host: @vivalarayna

I took the prompt and decided to write a jaunty tune about Freddy Keruger. I got this written quickly (shocking, I'm sure given the content) so I added some cajon which goes a bit wonky in place but overall isn't terrible.


Verse: C F
Chorus: G F

Let yourself doze
It's hard
I suppose

The dream are all tooo real
It's your soul he's come to steal

You can't close
Those weary eyes
Come on
You've got to try

The dream are all tooo real
It's your soul he's come to steal

Fight it
It's all you can do
Keep your wits about you

The dream are all tooo real
It's your soul he's come to steal

He comes
When you're asleep
When he plays
He plays for keeps

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Funny idea and you did it well! Years ago I watched those movies, but anymore can't take anything too scary! If you hadn't let it be known what the song is about, I think it could have various meanings. I like the music and lyric and think they stand up well regardless.

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I love this!!! The juxtaposition of jaunty Cajon fun with the not-so-fun topic just had me smiling the whole time. I was envisioning Freddy, Jason, and Mike Myers having a fun summer cookouts a camp they'd just decimated and dancing along, but, uh... sometimes my brain is a little broken, lol. Really fun skirmish.

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This really made my toes start tapping. What a fun take on the prompt! Love it.

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Has a kind of lovely Lou Reedy loucheness and swing to it! Love how the jauntiness of the tune acts in counterpoint to the subject matter. Great skirmish write!

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I agree with Daivd T. a Lou reed flavor to this.. a great skirmish song Catherine and i do like the cajon laying down a beat

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Great jaunty rhythm and upbeat vibe that is in perfect juxtaposition to the wonderful creepiness of the lyric! Love the short punchy chilling lines!

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Great strumming and singing. Freddie K….Not sure I want that guy creeping into my thoughts, particularly if I’m trying to sleep. Nice skirmish!

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cool song, unique idea, love that. You've got a really nice voice too, nice work!

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Good work. I was hypnotised by the syncopation of the strumming and didn't pay much attention to the lyric until afterward. I always felt that falling asleep at the wheel of a vehicle when you're driving down a busy road would have far more devastating consequences than having Freddie Kruger mess with your mind.

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jaunty is the right word, lovely energy in the performance. i like the juxtapostion of that with the dark content of the song. great performance and wow a skirmish , i am impressed. nicely done

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You do have your own unique way of strumming stuff that really makes the rhythms rock.

As always, I love how your voice fits in there with its own rhythm. Another winner!

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When I saw the title in your list I thought of the Fredder immediately.
There's a lulling in the track (vocal and that pretty rhythm) that is, by the lyric's logic, very dangerous.
Well done, bringing the understated spooky!

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Ah a delicious piece of ear candy! I love your more clipped vocal phrasing in this as it goes nicely with the chug a lug of the uke. Such a winking balance in my ears. Nicely mixed with plenty of space.

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Ya this is yet another lit track! Uke suits your voice very nicely. Your voice is very strong and uke is a very light instrument in the hi-mid range it mixes together very nicely

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Came back for another listen, my wife and I are horror nerds and the nightmare series is a longtime favorite of ours (especially Dream Warriors! And also new nightmare, I think that one was a bit underrated)

Never sleep again, wacha!!!!

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My dude, I was just commented to @wacha that I took in a viewing of Dream Warriors yesterday on HBOMax. I forgot Laurence Fishburne was in it and Zsa Zsa Gabor and Dick Cavett! How 'bout that?

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Jaunty tune and Fred Kreuger - who would've thought to put the two together and yet here's what you did. I'm getting that Lou Reed vibe for sure but I'm also getting a bit of 10K Maniacs too. Perhaps that's fitting. Nonetheless I'm impressed with what the muse can pull from you inside of an hour. And guess what - and I'm serious about this, I watched ANOES pt 3 yesterday!!! 1, 2 Freddy's coming for you!!!