Shaping Up

Shaping Up

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Liner Notes: 

metalfoot: I saw this glorious lyric by Andrea and thought I'd ask to collaborate on it. She was kind enough to let me.


Shaping Up

Flipping through channels
Late one night
Crazy infomercial
Caught my sight

With engineered seeds
I'd have a green thumb
I thought to myself
Got to get me some

Put a check in the mail
Prepared my land
Knew my bumper crop
Was close at hand

Things were shaping up
I was pleased
Things were shaping up
Up, up, up

I planted each seed
One by one
Admired my garden
When it was done

Seven days later
To my surprise
Little green sprouts
Started to rise

I weeded and watered
Watched 'em grow
Enormous plants
In crowded rows

Things were shaping up
I was pleased
Things were shaping up
Up, up, up

I had something special
Buyer beware
A little wonky
I didn't care

The green beans were blue
Snap peas too
Tomatoes some kind
Of purple hue

The carrots were globes
Zucchinis square
The bounty great
That seemed fair

Things were shaping up
I was pleased
Things were shaping up
Up, up, up

Such beautiful fruits
Plucked from each stem
A multitude
Of harvest gems

Garlic and onions
Splash of white wine
Sauteed with care
To taste divine

Out of the frying pan
On to my plate
A delicacy
Worth the wait

Things were shaping up
I was pleased
Things were shaping up
Up, up, up

Should have known better
The late night air
Purchased a promise
Received a nightmare

Repulsive produce
Tastes like dirt
Stomach felt sick
Pride was hurt

Sometimes you win
Sometimes you lose
After midnight
Chose to snooze

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yup was a very cool lyric glad you picked it up Alex. Love that semi muted/chuck guitar strut. Nice one!

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Great bounce to the guitar line...great job on the lyrics Andrea.
Nice collab

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So spray on grass isn't a good idea? LOL!
Such a fun lyric and the storyteller delivery really makes it funnier and funnier. Great job both of you! Well done.

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Bluesy riff, and the vocal reminds me of the lower register of james mercer from the shins. Quirky fun lyric, sounds like me trying to garden... nice job!

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This is really cool, love the infectious circularity of the melody with the underpinning chord changes. The words are really fun - I love the cautionary tale/buyer beware thing being applied to ... seeds. It seems random but it's a good choice - the time and care that it takes to grow good fruit and vegetables kind of seems to be the antithesis of everything the average infomercial-making vendor is interested in tapping in to in an audience (I guess - I don't have insider knowledge). Great collaboration.

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I’m guessing Andrea wrote this for the shape challenge earlier in 5090! Great lyrics with a twist at the end. I could almost taste those sautéed garlic and onions …mmm. Endearing performance by Alex on the guitar. Those chords and melody suited the tone of the lyrics nicely!

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Hah! What an original lyric delivered so well by Alex with a cautionary tale to boot! Smile

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Great song! Love the lyrics (and just seeing that Andrea is into "metal"--I just posted a rare "metal" song a few minutes ago).

Very nicely played and sung!