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Liner Notes: 

metalfoot: So as some of you are aware, the Wordsmith and I have done a couple songs in the past (gesticulates toward the pile of accumulated songs) and yet somehow ended up paired for the Random Collab challenge.

He therefore wrote me a Fibonacci lyric and said, "try this!"

And I said, sure.

And then I fell off the face of the earth for a bit, 50/90-wise.

But I'm back, and here's what I did with it. I had thought of playing with a Fibonacci-constructed chord progression but that was hurting my head so I went much simpler.


Feverishly Hoping
For a sign
That Earth is slowing down
And every little thing will turn out fine
But like a snowball, little things abounding sadly have the habit of compounding
And profoundly get to mounting until they amount to mountains made of countless mounds of pressure with the pleasure only mine

Yet time takes as it gives, the highest anxious peak denuding, these accrued fruits of brooding melting like the settled snow
To lift the lofty burdens I shoulder, so softly I could never know
To hold me as soft as a bubble
And whisper 'let it go'
My heart beats
A rhythm

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This is a really cool lyrical idea, love lots of bits in the lyrics, they're great. Similarly the music is really nice - its great to go on a similar journey up and down the mountain with the increasing urgency and then the unravelling. I am totally perplexed as to what a Fibonacci-constructed chord progression would have been but then I was never very good at maths so that probably isn't so surprising. Great one, thanks for a great collaboration.

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ha ! this is great, and I only wish I thought of it first, tho of course I'd have to understand Fibonacci-- which might be a type of rolled Italian pasta for all I know, maybe each piece is bigger then the one before? (kidding, of course, tho my old math skills are long long gone)

creative and fun all around, lyric, music and performance- great work by all!

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always look forward to you guys coming up with something! got a real oasis feel to this one! i think its the way you roll those lyrics out good lyric to flow off!

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I threw you a completely unapproachable lyric, and you managed to win its heart and get it to tell its story. You've kept it in line enough for it to be listenable, while celebrating the unique personalities of the different line lengths. The chord and pacing changes help give this variety, too. It builds up and winds down, as is fitting. Quite a varied scape for a minute and a half of vox and acoustic guitar. Well done - shows even old collaborators can get up to new tricks.

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Brilliantly done, chaps. This is quite extraordinary. The variation in tempo in Alex's delivery adds so much to this but even the *shape* of the lyrics above is satisfying!

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Great approach to make these lyrics work. I totally loved the build and then the return to the slower tempo. It works so beautifully with the lyrics.

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Love the variation in tempo/pacing - it worked very well with the lyrics. The lyrics are also really neat and have some fun alliteration, rhyme, and rhythm to them. Hat tips to you both!

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You do a great job delivering these lyrics with the unique pacing and changes that suits the song perfectly. Awesome response to the challenge and the collaboration. Listening again and really loving the nuances of the lyrics!

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I like the second verse in retrograde. Cool idea. The mountains...mounds line is good with any number of syllables. Fine work.

@metalfoot you were only off the face of the earth for a short while. I've been gone the whole time. Glad we're back.

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I love the sneaky unexpected internal rhymes in the lyric. The music tempo rise and fall is perfect and those long lines are tough to hold enough breath to sing. Well done on the fibonacci!