I Dare You

I Dare You

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Liner Notes: 

Another quick one, this time using some field recordings from a recent outing. I don't really hear it as a uke piece, but this minimal approach with some natural sounds is all I can do in the time at the mo. I'm curious to hear what anyone thinks about possible sounds/mixes of this song - which instruments would sound good?


I Dare You

Do you ever come round here?
Do you ever see the mess you made?
Just wander down here
Take account of all those wasted days

I dare you, I dare you, I dare you, I do
Look me in the eyes and tell me it's the best you can do

Might not be what you're expecting
We barely say your name at all
If so, just in passing
There's a lot on our minds if you'd ask at all

I dare you, I dare you, I dare you, I do
Look me in the eyes

Tell me all your reasons, ask me if they matter (rpt)
And I'll say...

You wont understand this
Though you think you know the world
You don't know what a heart's worth
Pleasing yourself, you lost it all

I dare you, I dare you, I dare you, I do
Look me in the eyes, look me in the eyes

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Love your smoky smooth voice. I hear the Baby's cry. it sounds like a pleasant cry, plus the birds can be heard Later. The intro is long and with out clear content to me. I like the chorus, it is melodic and remember-able.

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Beautiful vocal! I absolutely love the melody on the chorus - the way you go up on the ‘do’ and then the little flourish on ‘eyes’. I feel like the simple uke approach works nicely with the field recordings. I guess maybe some (very subtle) organic sounding synths might complement it further, but you definitely don’t want to lose that fragile beauty you’ve captured in the field recording, if that makes any sense at all! Great track Smile

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very nice melody and the whole thing has a lovely setting! very good listen

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Wow, this is gorgeous. Your voice is so soft and sweet, and that delicate, minimalistic uke backs it up perfectly. The field recording sounds add a lovely ambience. Well done!

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Ooh ooh! Hello Heather nice to meet you. I loved just the voice and uke - would probably have done it in a padded room rather than add the atmosphere just because your voice is phenomenal and deserves the ‘space’ without interference. You could do a collection of these with just vox and uke - with these chilled vibes you wouldn’t need other instruments. If you wanted to I’d say try some gentle complimenting voicings not competing in the midrange like cello.

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Such a gorgeous melody and agree with others about your soft and delicate delivery.. lovely vox! I like the field recordings at the beginning but when you are singing I'd prefer the space to to not distract from your vocal xx

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The birds must stay! They are lovely. Your voice is beautiful. I think this song is magical as is--thoughtful lyrics, uke, soft vocals. It's gentle and moving!

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That doesn't sound like a uke, it sounds more like a harp! Beautiful singing. I don't quite understand the background sounds. The birds are fine, but the other seems out of context?

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I agree with those who say this is perfect as-is; the ambience that the field recordings create compliment the lyrics in my opinion.
I feel the lyrics can be applied to each listener's own situations/lives - and that is a mark of great lyrics imo.
Also, the minimal uke puts the focus on your singing, which is the star. As others say, you have a beautiful voice and in this kind of track, there's nothing to get in the way.
I also agree that some light synthwork...maybe even with no percussion...would be one approach. Or even some light orchestral stuff, like strings and maybe a little piano to accomp the uke or your vocal melodies.
But yeah...as-is, this is what it should be in my opinion.