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Liner Notes: 

@richaaaay: Being a fan of Sunfire's work and having done a collaboration during FAWM, I was hoping to have the opportunity to do another collaboration with him during 50/90. I had seen hints that Carl had an affinity for some soulful funkiness. I created some music with that in mind and sent in over to Sunfire so he could do his magic. The music is pretty darn straight forward, essentially a one chord jam, but I thought it had a fun vibe and requested something lighthearted with perhaps a little edge to it. I gave some hints what I was looking for sonically and with that Sunfire was off to the races. He really nailed it in short order. I was very happy with the lyric. It fit the vibe of the music and sonically was spot on. Thanks Carl!

@sunfire: The music conjured up funky soul sounds from the 70's and a striking woman walking down the street with a literal crowd that followed her as she continued to walk eventually reaching her apartment.
I had NYC in mind for this one.



She's walkin down the city street doin' her own thing
While local boys shootin' hoops wish they could cling
To the vibe she's induced struttin' in those heels
They're dribblin' right behind, mm her look appeals

She's got em' hooked
Hooked on dreams
She's got em' hooked, hooked, hooked
Hooked in city steam

She takes her time movin' cross the crowded avenue
Attracting every man lookin' at the view
Wearin' chic designs, bell bottom pants are hot
With trails of men and traffic snarled to a knot

She's got em' hooked
Hooked on dreams
She's got em' hooked, hooked, hooked
Hooked in city steam

She's makin' her way headin' uptown good looks to kill
Smiling faces there, just hoping for a thrill
Now the cops are tryin' to push back the guys
Until they stare deep into the lady's eyes

She's got em' hooked
Hooked on dreams
She's got em' hooked, hooked, hooked
Hooked in city steam

She's finally headin' home, apartment in the sky
Once she passes through the door, some wave good-bye
But that can't slow a few who refuse to see
That very soon they'll be handcuffed on their knee

She's got em' hooked
Hooked on dreams
She's got em' hooked, hooked, hooked
Hooked in city steam

Chorus repeats x 2 & fades

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Hot damn, you've nailed that 70s NYC disco soul thing! I would have loved some female call and response stuff in the chorus for extra funkiness points. But this is pretty darn nice as it is. The 'hooked in city steam' is a really interesting cool image too. Well done both.

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you've burned the sound and image into my brain of some hot stuff strutting down the street , be it sunset blvd or 5th Avenue,

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Loved the vibe of this. You two nailed it: Lighthearted with a little edge to it. Very fun. "Hooked in city steam" is quite the image. Nice collab!

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Absolutely spot-on for the 70s soul/disco feel musically, and it fits the lyrics to a T. Nice collab!

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I am bopping in my chair. I love it all -the chorus will be running through my head all day. Sweet collab!

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Oh yeah, that opening Disco groove hooked me!

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Love that funky disco sound. bells bottom haven't heard that since my sister said she wanted a pair.Great collab

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So Descriptive, Lyrically . The Driving Part seems to be that little Keys riff that you repeat through out. It seems to push the song forward and holds the attention through out as well

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Ooh this is very juicy.. love the funky groove and the rich imagery in the lyrics.

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This is a great collaboration, you nailed a funky disco feel. The lyrics have a cool chick in the city vibe to the them and the delivery really keeps that feel. This is a song is solid and so much fun.

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great "one-chord wonder" very funky , but a mellow laid back funky. the hook hook is great. nice collab indeed

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So smooth and funky, with such evocative lyrics. Awesome!

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Great guitar tones, and SUPER-funky! I would love to do something like this--but I need to work up the courage.

Great, great job, guys!

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Yep...this hooked me in because it works so well...funky dory!

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Oooo ya! Rich dude you are just killin these tracks! Excellent lyrics great performance all around fun. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

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Whoa! This song is on fire! What a wonderful collaboration…you really hooked us with these beats and wonderful delivery of the lyrics.

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Terrific, image-rich storytelling from Carl, and absolutely spot-on vocals and music from Rich. Infectious groove. Really fine collaboration, you two. Smile

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I haven't got a very good ear for genre, but I was getting almost a Remain in the Light, Talking Heads feel going with the tight repetition - which may or may not be my own ideosyncratic ear. Loved it for that reason though, had a real strut to it.