That should have worked

That should have worked

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Liner Notes: 

Did I or did I not inadvertently take down the 5090 songlist? I cannot say with certainty that it was me, but... there's some strong evidence to that effect.

Since I can't apologize enough, I wrote this song


I won’t duck responsibility this really is my doing
Yeah I did it on purpose, just didn’t expect quite these results
And I know it’s not best practice, it’s at best unconventional
So sure go ahead and season my injury with insults

Hindsight’s twenty twenty, mine is still a little skew
I know insanity is expecting new results from what you do
But at the risk of being committed as a nutcase and a jerk
I still maintain that should have worked

I bet that Galileo didn’t always hit on the first try
He might have elicited a laugh or two from people who were passing by
But progress isn’t made without a misstep here or there
Yes I absolutely think my dumb mistakes and genius can compare

So call in the cleaner And maybe an ambulance
This mess could get still get meaner if you give it half a chance
And I’m not apologizing if I raise my voice to shout
I’m going to get the last word in, right before I pass out

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What an excellent groove! This is a great lyric and performance! Love it!

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Lol, apology accepted - at least from me! Love the end. Excellent job.

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Hilarious. I missed the song list being down but I’m pretty sure it’s all your fault. Brave of you to own up to it…

Lots of musical changes in your song. That really kept my attention as the song moved along. Some great lyrical lines in there too…

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Congratulations! An epic and witty apology! It's a terrific hook! Who can't relate to that? Nice job.

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Ha...get on the goodfoot and testify. This is funny and funky. I love the Galileo comparison, and the guitar thing following those lines is pretty cool. You have made yourself a 5090 legend, no small feat

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Too funny - a superb apology. Love the hook line and vocal delivery. Very entertaining all way through Smile

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And this is why we can't have nice things. Wink
Your track here reminds me a bit of Cake; remember them?
Lovely groove here.
I'm liking your vocal delivery a lot.
Loving the one note solo very much.
Great work here for sure.

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That guitar is so cool. A very very groovy track! Well done!

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When hubris meets chagrin, all brilliantly set to music. I feel for you, man - but this just makes it really funny. What a great song you got out of it!

And "The 32nd time is the charm" is a motto I've lived by for many years...