Whirlpools and Metaphors

Whirlpools and Metaphors

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Liner Notes: 

This is Morph2!

Music Morph 2
1. Seed song lowhum *48296
2. sunnymae *48617
3. kahlo and Valerie Cox *48814
4. mikehex - this song
5. Spazsquatch
6. lowhum

I really liked the song from kahlo that this came from. I started off keeping the music mostly the same, but the acoustic wasn't working for me. So I tried going electric and suddenly I had this whole Pixies vibe happening, so I went with it. Of course once I did that the music changed a bit, then the lyrics all got munged up and ended up being a sort of rant against the epistemological relativism inherent in capital 'A' Art. So yeah, this is pretentious as hell. I still kinda like it. Hopefully it'll give @Spazsquatch something to work with


(Am) Dive into the sound (E)
(Am)Turn away from a (E) measured sight
(C) And let the ship run (E) aground
(Dm) Hold to darkness (F)against the (E)light

Push at answers, cling to doubts
Read the tea leaves, switch off the news
Naked and blind, beat the time out
A meditation, rhythm and blues

(C Dm F E)
Come apart
In whirlpools and metaphors
A burning heart
Blood from every pore

Sift and winnow, know surprise
Read poetry in other eyes
Gavel pounds, raising a bruise
The stories spin justice and truth

Go on down
In whirlpools and metaphors
Easy to drown
To walk on that further shore

(E F E F C Dm G/E)
Listen to everything you’re told
Information overload
Then make up your own mind
As we’ve done throughout all time

Give up freedom to live free
Put out your eyes to see
One thing clearly now
The truth that they can’t disavow

Your sacrifice
whether it’s blood or art
Will cover the price, entry for the better part

Vineyards and wine, dancing fast to move slow
The truth is sublime, the falsehoods even more so

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Wow! Fabulous morph! I really love the musical change ups and transitions between the different sections. Stellar work! Awesome emotion in the vocals to deliver the lyrics perfectly! I love the element of darkness with the elements of sacrifice and blood that you added! Can’t wait to see where it goes next.

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Great title. very fine stuff. love that opening guitar and your vox is a great foil, for some reason i hear the Doors. Really enjoyed this one!

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This is an excellent lyric and some great guitar! Love the delivery too, yet again you've given me Frank Black vibes this could of been on Teenager of the Year or thereabouts. This is an excellent groovy rhythm bit and that melody line just plays along so nicely! Enjoyed this a bunch, it was worth crashing the site for Biggrin

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So good it broke the songlist! Love the title and lyrics. I haven't had a chance to listen to the previous song in this Morph, but I'll agree this has a very cool Doors feel. Really good song all around.

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I'm not sure how these "morphs" work--I guess I'll have to scroll around and look for that.

All I know is that I liked this song--morphed or not. Very nice job, you guys--all of you mutants everywhere!