Yours Sincerely (All the birds in the sky)

Yours Sincerely (All the birds in the sky)

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Liner Notes: 

@headfirstonly wrote a great song about how he's sick and tired of falling into the same compositional habits. It opens with the lines: "Look at me, I'm doing my thing again. Tried and tested, frayed and worn." I thought to myself: Why don't I try to embrace my thing and write the most fresh spotless youth song possible. What would that look like? First of all, I use this chord progression over and over: Fmaj7, G6, Em, Fmaj7 (Am). Next, I need to sing about what I'm trying to do, mentioning my name and tossing in a reference to the birds of the sky. Of course, I also need some "la da da" stuff, which Dan Bejar of Destroyer does all the time. How about some vaguely atmospheric keys that you can't quite hear because I really don't know what I'm doing. Check, check, check, check. Anyway, this is a "me" as it gets. I could probably make a whole album of songs that pretty much use these same chords. I was gonna fix some stuff, but it's definitely good enough for fresh spotless youth. Finally, let me add that the lyric really is offered in all sincerity; I'm like the birds of the sky in that respect.


What’s Danny up to this time?
What’s Danny up to this time?

He’s singing:
Yours sincerely,
All the birds in the sky
He’s singing:
Yours sincerely
And don’t forget their friends who can’t fly

They’ve never claimed
That God was on their side
They’re just here and alive

They’re singing:
Yours sincerely
They’re singing
Yours sincerely

Yours sincerely,
All the birds in the sky
And all their friends who can’t fly

They’ve never claimed
That god was on their side
They’re just here and alive

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wow this is wonderful! I love how you took your 'this is what I always do' and used it as a creative prompt for this song. Really well done on all fronts- perceptive and poetic lyric, great music and fine production touches that bring out the best in it all. Great work! (and its a fun writing assignment, many years ago I think i did a 'this is a song of Mike' kind of thing with all my 'typical' stuff, etc- yours works beyond any kind of meta- thing tho! great listen!

How clever! Lovely! And bouncy once the drums jump in… Smile

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this is lovely. i love the shift of the subject from you to the birds singing. just being. it is beautifully simple and straightforward just being. your delivery is lovely. i'll put it on my fridge.

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I love how you created this self challenge. The result is beautiful!

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This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the hook and how the melody ebbs and flows with such a graceful and gentle delivery! The airy space and phrasing is wonderfully effective and so well-aligned with the lyrics. Superb song and so cool it was inspired by another song here.

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yup very clever really enjoyed this from the liner notes to the music to the words - very enjoyable

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i hear this as a distillation of fresh spotless youth more than the ultimate statement. it seems at first a minor effort, but further listens reveal that everything we love about fresh spotless youth is inside of this song.

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Oh this title drew me in. How cool a concept is that?! I liked the lo fi acoustic alt rock vibes. Very chill

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What a wonderful title. It prepares the listener for a story that's not going to do what's expected of it, and suggests they're in for a special treat. They are.

I love the idea of trying to identify what makes one of your songs one of your songs and then distil it; job done here, I reckon. Your voice is unmistakable, but there's always such a beautiful combination of whimsy and melancholy in your work that really resonates with me. I don't believe that claim that you don't know what you're doing for one moment—this (and the other songs of yours I've heard this summer) is clear evidence to the contrary. That chorus is sublime. (And cheers for the shout!)

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As a general matter, what I so strongly admire about you as a songwriter is how wonderfully poetic your words are, and how wonderfully ethereal and yet tuneful your songs are. As you may know, my songs are very concrete: specific stories, with little ambiguity. And in my listening habits, I also tend to favor the specific over the abstract. But your songs are the exception to that rule: they uniformly utterly enthrall me, the thoughts and emotions and abstractions and poetry of it all absolutely touching something in me that few songs do.

So turning to this specific song: everything I said above, repeated once again. Another magical gem.

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They never claimed/That God was on their side/They're just here and alive.--Brilliant! Thank you.

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This is definitely a very Danny song but in all the best ways. I kind of hear it being a meditation on gratefulness and acceptance. I love the airy purity of this, at the end especially.

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Magical song, very beautfiul and wonderful to listen to. Love your singing and playing. Beautiful atmosphere!