Born And Bred A Monster

Born And Bred A Monster

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Liner Notes: 

@AndreaB wrote these lyrics and @vivalarayna suggested me to add music. This is what came to mind! It was recorded in a one-take with guitar and vocals at the same time, with no prior rehearsal - just an idea of the three chords Em, A and B7. I went over it afterwards and noodled some Spanish guitar in the background for effect. I accidentally forgot to switch on the phantom power for my second mic so there's a bit too much room noise...but hey, it adds to the atmosphere right? Biggrin


Andrea Brennan/Georgie Cooper
All Rights Reserved


His daddy died in prison

His momma was a whore

He grew up believing

Life was a savage war

At ten he robbed my friends blind

Just because he could

At twelve he took to peeping

Throughout the neighbourhood

Born and bred a monster

Doing wrong feels right

Born and bred a monster

Maybe, evil is his birthright

Subservient mentality
He can't he control
Escalating fantasies
Searching for a role

Born and bred a monster

Doing wrong feels right

Born and bred a monster

Maybe, evil is his birthright

Darlin', shame on you trusting

Smiles that hide lies

You only see the charmer

Not the snake behind the eyes

You will be his very first

Once you step inside

Say goodbye to Jekyll

And hello to Mr Hyde

Born and bred a monster

Doing wrong feels right

Born and bred a monster

Maybe, evil is his birthright

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Impressive one take interpretation without rehearsal. That ain’t easy…

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Wonderful vocals on a fantastic lyric...really works and the treatment (including the room noise) suits the song perfectly...very impressive all round!

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Wasn’t sure about the title - almost did a pass - but then I noticed it was Georgie and knew the vocals would be awesome and so I had to take a listen and was not disappointed. Although, I did hear some drums in my head after the “born and bred” line but that’s just me…

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I'm so glad you and @AndreaB were able to team up on this! It turned out deliciously creepy. The Spanish guitar was a great add. Really layered in the drama.

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Well this is very good one take delivery with overdubs is excellent and really nice lyrics too

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This is GREAT. Glad you found a taker, Andrea, for this darkly powerful lyric. Georgie hit it out of the park (as usual).

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Deliciously creepy! Andrea, great lyrics! And Georgie, your vocals and music are eerily suited to this one.

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oh yeah cine noir! very well done indeed great lyric great choice of vocal style. Gee it was very loud on the phones!

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havent heard georgie sing like this before. mesmerizing. gives the lyric a brecht-weill feel. i can smell the berlin alleys.

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This is creeping me out, but it sounds so wonderful its hypnotic and I wouldn't dare stop listening. Really great stuff all around! The room noise does give it some character and some reverb. Great work even if you didn't mean to Biggrin

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Dark and (melo)dramatic and shadowy like Jack the Ripper stalking the gloomy Victorian night, this created its own little world and seductively drew me in to its lush tale of depravity. Nice!

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Amazing lyrics - I dig the psychology. And the guitar/vocal has a lovely siren-call spookiness. Cool collab!

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Andrea, these lyrics are so powerful. Georgie Cooper's vocals are STUNNING. I have no idea how I missed this until now? I have watchlisted you both. I'd love to hear more collabs. My goodness--this is so damn good!

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Wow, almost like a torch song but... about about a horrible criminal. Fantastic combo of unsettling words and then this bravura performance!

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Wow!!!! Great interpretation of Andrea’s lyrics. Love the fado sound.