Vanishing Again

Vanishing Again

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Liner Notes: 

WHEN: Sunday Skirmish August 29, 2021 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT

THEME/TITLE: "DETECTIVE" - Use in your lyric, your title. Maybe you have to figure out something, other than a crime!

Thanks for participating, despite skirmishing all weekend!

TAGS: skirmish, songskirmish, s082921, feast, detective
WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
HOST: @corinne54

My biggest challenge with this fun promot was NOT to write another murder ballad (I already have 3 this 50/90. I can't help it. They're fun!!) Anyway, I dug into my list of potential titles I'd stored up from the Titular Muse (RIP) and this one sparked some lines. Fun to write. I got a very late start and was worried I'd be behind, but this was finished in 30 minutes. Might be a new personal record!

Thanks for hosting, @corinne54!


I search for answers
Uncover the clues
Is this coincidence
Or is it a ruse
Tell me not to worry
You'll only be gone a few days
But I have my suspicions
About your cheating ways

Like a ghost into the light
Like a shadow into the night
Like a wolf into its den
You're vanishing again

I've seen how nervous
You get when your phone rings
Then act like nothing happened
Caught in your puppet strings
I've seen the charges
You ran up on our credit card
You've got an answer for everything
Damn, that must be hard

Like a ghost into the light
Like a shadow into the night
Like a wolf into its den
You're vanishing again

Did you think I couldn't follow the trail
I wouldn't see the devil in your details
Did you think your alibi would hold
Or give it time and the case'll get cold
Mmm, you better think again
Cuz I'm hot on your tail

And while you're away
I've got some plans of my own
Gonna burn all the evidence
That you were ever in this home
I hope you can accept
Your share of the blame
Remember when it comes to disappearing
Two can play this game

Like a ghost into the light
Like a shadow into the night
Like a wolf into its den
You're vanishing again

© 2021 R. C. Richardson
All Rights Reserved

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Interesting story, the reversal in verse 3 caught me off guard. Great skirmish

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A clever take on the prompt. I liked the bridge where you're summing up what your 'detecting' and bring it all home in verse 3. Wonderful stuff.

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Ohhh… that is criminal! I love the short pointed lines of the chorus and the hook - they convey so much! The bit of revenge in verse 3 is perfect for this kind of crime. Wonderful detective story that has a great cadence. I hope that you will bring it to life with music!

Sunfire's picture

Yikes! Lol Who's vanishing next I need not ask. Lol Really well written. Enjoyed it.

Roddy's picture

Very good indeed. It's like a entire novel. I like the chorus in particular. But there are also so many really good lines throughout. Very good skirmish.

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What a fantastic write. Great movement in the story and I love how it unfolds. The chorus is beautiful and V3 is so sweet.

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These are TERRIFIC lyrics. I'm so impressed you wrote this in 30 minutes - heck, wrote this at all!

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Brilliant lyrics and cool take on the prompt. Amazing to write in 30 minutes.

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great lyric and love that third verse- what a creative twist to it all! nicely done!!

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This is a great use of the prompt, the lyrics are really clever and feel catchy. This is even more impressive that you got this done in an hour, the twist at the end is great.