smol Balloon

smol Balloon

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Liner Notes: 

So, this happened. It was nice to have fun and not care about perfection outside of my comfort zone. Also, getting silly is awesome. Balloon w/ attitude, y'all.



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"I'm a balloon and I'm fricking smol" - you DID have fun with this!! This generated some very amusing lyrics, but you kept the storyline going and kept my interest. I feel like this belongs in a movie somewhere.

Just a note, did the full song not upload? It sounds like an abrupt cutoff.

Thanks for the heads up -- seems like the server didn't take on the full song right away. Should be complete now.

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I am learning so much here. Internet slang, rap,synth. What a song. It must be fun to create like this.

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Wow, this is awesome and a delight to listen to! "I'm on a string. I'm going to the moon." I really love the soundscape! It is heavy and yet perfect for this balloon adventure! Great skirmishing!

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some great angles in there, like with the string i am 5 feet tall, love the repeat of fricking small, great sounds and balloon attitude. nicely skirmished

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Sounds like you had lots of fun with this. Sounds great, love some of the lines you came up with. Love the slow synth line that counters some of your vocals. Excellent skirmish!

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Love the quirkiness of the lyrics and how they hold together to convey a confident attitude. Love that fuzzy buzzy wall of sound as well that intrigues and adds such depth to the song.

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Yeah, silliness FTW.
I really love your vocal delivery and the treatment.
Lovely lyrics, too.
That bass line is awesome in the headphones.
I'm smiling at all of this; the music and the vocals.
Sure I'll party with you, smol balloon!!
Really excellent work here for sure.

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When I was a kid, I used to save balloons from birthday parties and draw faces on them, then lock them in the closet because I was afraid of them. I feel like this song would have been appropriate for them to sing. This is really great, love the slow, ominous vibe that goes along with the silly lyrics. Really fun!

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This is too much fun! I love the production here. That bass is so crunchy and dark, and the percussive bell tones are cute and the juxtaposition of those is like too cool! And the lyrics are so fun, and the delivery is fantastic! Great song!