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SuperSkirmish M

DATE/TIME: August 28 - noon CDT (10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST, August 29: 3AM AEST etc...)

THEME/PROMPT: Balloon - are there 99 red ones? Beautiful balloon? Did someone burst your balloon? Are the full of hot air?

TAGS: superskirmish, songskirmish, ss082821M, feast, balloon

HOST: @vivalarayna

I grew up a farmer, my daughter is a farmer. I am an environmentalist, and I help with turtle nesting in Barbados when I can get there. No apologies.
Ps Balloons labeled as biodegradable, are not breaking down in any kind of time frame that should be labeled biodegradable. Eight to ten years? If it stayed in doors and went to landfill, it still gets into birds.



What goes up must come down,
it might sound bizarre
Its what most people dont see
that's hard to ignore
A birthday, a wedding
A party for your friends
All those decorations
To keep abreast of the trends

Balloons, balloons
Float up and out of sight
Balloons, balloons
Into the sunlight
Balloons, balloons
Colourful and bright
Balloons, balloons
Floating further out of sight.

Balloons made of rubber
Or latex or nylon
Are not biodegradeable
Although that's not on the label
Balloons are made of polymers
that stretch and distort
And can cause problems
as most farmers report

Farm animals can ingest them
Marine life eat them too
All birds and animals
Are not immmune
THe balloon causes havoc
IN their digestive tracts
As birds and animals
Eat all these scraps

Turtles die from eating them
They get tangled in the strings
Many birds get knotted up
Strings matted in their wings
Beached whales and other fishes
Are dead because they have consumed
Too much latex from all those balloons

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An important message in a cheery delivery. Important to have more people understand this.

You've been a monster during this superskirmish. Go take a rest. You deserve it!

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I was wondering if someone would take the environmental path with this prompt an I'm so glad you did, @Mandolinda! We forget that something that gives us momentary joy can have a longterm negative effect on nature. You still created a beautiful melody here that makes this PSA quite pleasant to listen to.

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Very upbeat and cheery way of delivering an important message! Lovely mandolin playing! (BTW, all of the balloons released in my skirmish song were 100% biodegradable!) Really nice work on the skirmish!

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i like the contrast of the dreamy music and image of balloons with the stark reality of the harm we cause with our unthinking frivolity. nice thought provoking song, well done. Smile

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A perfect message song, love the irony of the sweet melody/music in contrast with such a serious message. A balloon seems so innocent, but when you get some of the facts behind how wasteful they are, it really causes some rethinking. Thanks!

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A classic folk protest style song. I sure think differently about balloons now!