Little Hope

Little Hope

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Liner Notes: 

Sadly, what came to my mind is the pandemic and how I am feeling about it.


Little Hope
© 2021 Cindy Prince

At first I thought there'd be reason
To get us all through this rough season
But what I saw was disbelief
Kept thinking to myself, "good grief!"

I do understand some issues with trust
But for Pete's sake you should do what you must
How tough was it to just wear a mask?
Why was it so hard to do what was asked?

So can we get a handle on this pandemic?
Because as things stand I have little hope
Science seems to have been thrown out the window
And we are coming to the end of our rope
Let's not get to the end of our rope

Many of us have done all that we could
Despite there being so many falsehoods
The danger continues to be very scary
And so many have died unnecessarily

Repeat chorus

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I know what you mean. I reluctantly wrote some lyrics about the Pandemic and have yet to put them in a song - thinking I'll wait until last...

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I agree that it can feel hopeless at times. You really captured the sense of anger and disbelief that so many of us have been feeling lately.

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Poignant as usually @cindyrella. I feel a lot of this but the eternal optimist side of me always comes through.

vivalarayna's picture

Relatable emotions to so many, unfortunately. It's a tough subject to write about, but I hope this helped you process some if what you're experiencing.

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We are all experiencing emotions re pandemic. I have lost friends. I have avoided people. It is just so frustrating

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I feel your emotion regarding this awful pandemic. I hate the social separation that it has created (and I'm an introvert who doesn't mind being alone much of the time!). I hope we can find our way past this. Very good writing!

kahlo's picture

Perfect and timely. So hard to understand the crazy resistance to public health measures that would help us all… well said, Cindy!

wacha's picture

Great, unexpected take on the prompt. The lyrics cut with a sharpness that works given the subject matter. Very well said, nice work!