Aufräumen (Cleaning up)

Aufräumen (Cleaning up)

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Liner Notes: 

Another song from Wednesday, I got that riff noodling around and thought that was something worth recording. For standard punk songs Logic’s Drummer does a great job, so everything came together really quickly. The middle part is more of a placeholder.
The lyrics are inspired by a discussion I watched that day. Transformation researcher Maja Göpel has now officially inspired more of my songs this year (2) than my girlfriend (0). It’s about overcoming the status quo and replacing it with something better.
The lyrics are not easy to translate, since they contain wordplay and neologisms, but I’ll try.


Schluss jetzt

Fossile Subventionen
Stets die Reichen schonen
Mieser Hungerlohn
Geht nicht

Alles was nicht wert ist zu behalten
Räumen wir mit dem Vorschlaghammer auf
Schmeißen es auf den Schrottplatz der Geschichte
Und säen neue Blumen drauf

Arme Krankenschwester
Reicher Investmentbanker

Alter Aberglaube
Fauler Budenzauber
Frauen- und Machtmissbraucher
Weg mit euch

Alles was nicht wert ist zu behalten
Räumen wir mit der Abrissbirne auf
Lassen es auf dem Friedhof der Geschichte
und pflanzen neue Wälder drauf

Alles was nicht wert ist zu behalten
Räumen wir mit Granatenwerfern auf
Laufen durch die Trümmer der Geschichte
und bauen ne neue Welt darauf


Traffic jams
War machinery
Stealing ressources
Stop it

Fossil subsidies
Always sparing the rich
Shitty breadline wage

Everything that is not worth keeping
We will clean up with a sledgehammer
Throw it on the landfill of history
And sow new flowers on it

Poor nurse
Rich investment banker
Drone steering executioner

Old superstition
Abusers of women and power
Be gone

Everything that is not worth keeping
We will clean up with a wrecking ball
Leave it on the graveyard of history
And plant new forests on it


Everything that is not worth keeping
We will clean up with a granade thrower
Walk through the rubble of history
And build a new world on it

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I agree - Logic Pro's Drummer is pretty awesome and I miss it when I'm working in Ableton. Really cool vibe here, no matter the language. Who listens to the lyrics, anyway? Oh, is that just me? lol!

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Absolutely storming song. You're not kidding about the drums, either—that snare has a glorious snap to it. And no language is finer for shouty punk rock than German. Empathising strongly with the sentiments, too.


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Awesome song! Loads of energy and dissent - just what I needed right now!

Great job, dude. I like every part of this.

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Ich kann gleich sehen wie die Sehlen gehen schwindend in der Wolken in deinen wichtigen Trabant! Excuse my Deutsch, I had real fun

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This is a lot of fun! I think that little break works for more than just a placeholder too, it's an excellent little comedown to take a breather before it gets back to really rockin. Excellent lyric even if some lost in translation, it wouldn't sound near that good sang in English, I have to agree with HFO on that one too. Some of my favorite screamy angsty rock is in German.